A Sincere Message to Hollywood from a Poor Writer

If by any chance you are planning to produce a horror film in which you depict devils and demos, I have the cast for you.  I am sure they would not charge any fee; they would be just happy to be on the Silver Screen.  For those who are Cast Directors, please consider those three for something like a Steven King’s book or a a script you create:

Number one is Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House.  He does not have to act at all; he would be just himself.  Look at him! Demon without a doubt:


Number two and three are the Evangelical Demons: Kenneth Copeland and Jessie Duplantis You see them both in this evil video- They do not need to act; they would be just themselves and will not need any fee for being on the Silver Screen.  Please take my advice seriously: Look:






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