Another Civic Lesson to those who Are Deprived of Basic Education

To all the good US people who love and support Donald Trump as though he were the good lord jesus, please indulge me here as I would like to give a political science/American government lesson since it appears that more than 50% of Donald lovers are uneducated. Also I would like to include my Coptic friends who never read books and never are interested in knowledge – their interest is only the dollar which is OK.

First, the United States of America, in order to ensure fairness and equality for all, is divided into three branches: The Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches. This system is called checks and balances. Each branch checks on the other in order to make sure no abuse is taking place.

The Executive Branch is the White House that has been bought by Donald Trump; The Legislative Branch is the House of Representatives and the Senates – both represent the people of the United States, but not at this moment. Then we have the Judicial Branch which is the court system and the law enforcement branch.

Now that you understand how the system in the United States of America is, you will see that your president is constantly attempting to interfere in both the Judicial and the Legislative Branches as though they were division of one of the Trump Companies. And here is the danger.

In his attempts, Donald Trump, being the KKK member and the Nazi that he is, and believing in Fascism, he was able to create a Fascist State where Corporation and the Government have complete control over the American people.

He constantly attempts to break the law, but fortunately, so far, the courts are quite alert and puts him in his place. His latest attempt was during his address when he asked Congress to give him and his cabinet the power to fire and hire anyFederal employee he wishes. In Essence, he was asking, can I be Mussolini please, or even Khrushchev, please. The man is totally insane and does not understand what the United States of America is or what it stands for.

So, dear Donald Trump lovers, please know in supporting this Fascist, you are supporting the destruction of the United States of America as we know it- or should I say knew it?

Do remember that Mussolini’s lovers and Hitler’s lovers paid the price for their indifference and their cooperation with the enemy within. You shall be accountable, too.




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