To America’s Enemy Number One Dodo Trump

To American’s number one threat, US president-want-to-be, Dodo Trump and all his associates, gangsters, killers, money launderers, immoral, incompassionate, and barbarian criminals, I have to write this piece for you

In Europe, where I am from, I watched a film of the true story of Milada Harakove. I am certain you or your gangsters have any idea who she was. Simply, she was a Czechoslovakian political activist and once was a member of the Parliament. She went through the Nazi occupation, the American liberation of her country, and the rise of Communism that she fought so hardly and so passionately; words with which you are not familiar. The years were 1953, 1968, and for her daughter 1989,

To my surprise, the whole story is a true prediction I have spoken of for thirty years; now, in the US, it is becoming a reality. You, Dodo, are nothing but similar to the Communist, but took the opposite direction of extreme Capitalism, which is equally evil.

Finally, the Communist executed Milada like you would love to do to me, and all activists against you and your government. But wait; allow me to share with you the brilliant words of writer/director David Myrna, spoken by Milada (or possible vice-versa)

“Life is hard; kit does not pamper anyone; and for every time it strokes you, it gives you ten blows.

Man does not live alone in this world; in that, there is great happiness but tremendous responsibility. One obligation is not ACTING SELFISHLY but rather merging with the NEEDS AND GOALS of others.

Learn to be modest; you will not be unhappy because of material things you do not have. When you come to consider something, be DEFINITE that you CAN FIGHT and DIE FOR IT…”

Milada Harakove: 1901-1950


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