A Message to My Beloved The Jews of the World

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Nature would readily testify that I have loved and defended the Jews since my childhood.  In fact, I have put my life and my family’s at risk because of such love and respect.  Growing up in Egypt, where they tried to brainwash us from being a toddler onward that Jews were devils and we must drink their blood. I have always suspected such notion.  In High School, they tried to give me a rifle and a gun and train me to fight so that we could drink the blood of the Jews.  I adamantly refused and thanks to nature that my dear father had been a powerful man and was able to protect me until I left that evil place called Egypt and its ideology about the Jews.

Ever since, I have been a great supporter, defender, and outspoken person for the rights of the Jews to Jerusalem and all Israel.  I have never faltered and will never do.

I am amazed, however, at how the Jews, despite their intelligence and evident superiority fall for a criminal gangster who is a KKK member and hates Jews and Blacks and anyone who is not Arian.  How could Israel fall for the imbecile Donald Trump’s phony announcement of the moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem? Jerusalem has always been and will always be the capital of Israel.  What are trump’s motives? I do not know and no one knows.

We know beyond any reasonable doubt that Donald Trump is anti semitic and hates the Jews; his motives could be more sinister than we can imagine.  If you read, you would know that Jerusalem has been under attacks every single day by the Arabs, and there is no relief in sight.  Does Trump help Israel in combating those criminals killing innocent Jews? Does Trump hope to start a massive war against Iran and is using Israel as a bait? Does Trump think he can win any war at all with anyone unless he goes crazy (which he is) and use weapons of mass destruction? Have the Israeli government thought about all that?

If Donald Trump does not care for America and has no respect for its laws, Constitution, or the Checks and Balances system, how can one believe that he cares for Israel? If Trump and his father were and Trump has been associated with the Duke, the leader of the KKK who gave him a Hitler Salute and he made no comments, how can one in his correct state of mind thinks that this evil Trump is pro-Israel.

Dear Israel, be careful, be great, be on the alert, and be the great nation that you are.  You are militarily and intellectually much greater than this “shithole” called the United States.

Long live Israel – Long live the Jews




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