Americans are “NOT” Friendly People

This professor/writer do indeed apologize for having used an article titled “Americans Are Friendly People” in my English and Journalism classes for more than thirty (30) years.  This happened because I was locked in a shell called academia.  Once I retired five (5) years ago, I began to understand who Americans are.  They are certainly far from being friendly.

It became so obvious to me that whenever you greet an American with a “hello” or a “Good Morning,” you will receive no response as though you did not exist.  Being who I am, I always make a comment or two about how rude and unscrupulous such behavior is.

In Europe, Americans are the last people you want to talk with at a restaurant or a bar; they do not respond or enter into any conversation.  They are afraid and coward people – The only people in this whole world I find to be impolite, rude, cowards, and lack social skills.

To all my previous students, I do apologize for having used that article and I stand before you corrected.  Americans are far from being friendly people.


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