America has become a Fascist/Nazi State

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Former President Barack Obama says Americans must be vigilant in their defense of democracy or risk following the path of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

At a speech earlier this week, the former president told the Economic Club of Chicago that “things can fall apart fairly quickly” if Americans don’t “tend to this garden of democracy.”

During the speech Tuesday, Obama pointed to Hitler’s rise to power in Germany as he implored the audience to “pay attention … and vote.”

Obama also defended the media. He said the press “often drove me nuts” but that he understood that a free press was vital to democracy.


Comment:  I have been saying and writing this since November of last year and no one was listening.  Now that an honorable, great ex-President says it, it might be taken seriously.  America is in danger friends.

As for Trump’s announcement about Jerusalem, I am skeptical.  Trump’s father was an active KKK member; Trump is a KKK sympathizer and friend with their leader, the Duke, and Trump is anti-semitic being.  His decision could be aimed at the destruction of Israel rather than supporting it.  I was so surprised that the Prime Minister of Israel fell for it.

Now we have we deal the aftermath and may nature help and protect Israel from the insane Islamists and the many insane Arabs in the area.

Long Live Israel – Long Live the Jews.



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