I Am Sick of Our Government

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Dear all,

With all this sexual misconduct that we hear about Democratic Congress and Senate as well as Republican Congress and Senate, I feel rather disgusted. However, that explains why our country is so fucked up; our government officials who run the country are too busy sexing around – absolutely disgusting.

I am a 62-year-old-man when young or old, I feel I would be degrading myself making an inappropriate pass at a woman. That is called confidence and respect. What is happening in Washington shows that there is no confidence; there is no respect. No wonder America has no respect.

Join me, ladies and gentlemen, in my peaceful resistance club at https://theresistenace.com/ and never vote Democrat and never vote Republican again – This government must go – peacefully – we must elect Independents no matter how we feel about them. This will send a strong message to the government that we are not sheep and we are intelligent citizens – at least many of us – Bible-Belt states and Texas and Arizona excluded-

Republicans, you are evil. Democrats, you are goats. With all elections coming up, We will change both houses very, very, very soon.

Both the Executive and Legislative Branches make me and most intelligent Americans sick. This Social Scientist is very, very sick

I am Dr. Sabri g Bebawi


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