The Evil of Evangelical Christians


A Serious Thought by Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi, Social Scientist

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I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi.  I would like before starting writing this essay to say that I strongly detest Islamists and Moslem Murderers around the world. I experienced them firsthand since I have been born and raised in Egypt. I knew about them while in Law School at Cairo University.  President Nasser had just been killed by President Sadat (under American orders, of course) and Sadat released all the Moslem Brothers from the prisons in which Nasser had locked them. Sadat said that God told him to do so in order to make peace with Israel.  The best thing that man did was the Camp David Treaty with my beloved State of Israel. However, he allowed the Moslem Brothers to grow and roam freely and now we have what we call Terrorism which is Islamic Murder, rather.

You will be surprised as i write that those Moslem Murderers have three characteristics America lacks: Honor, Dignity, Pride. You never hear any of those mentally challenged people say that he talks to God (Allah) or anything like that. I wish they did; for if they did, they would have been eliminated long ago by their fellow Moslems.

In America, however, we are so idiots and so uneducated and stupid that we believe Evangelical Christians telling us Disney Stories as though they were real.  They talk to God on daily basis. We are happy and feel blessed and even say “God Bless America.” – If I were God, I would have blessed it alright – my way.

What you are about to see and hear must and has to shock you and if it does not, you need to see a psychiatrist immediately or you need to move away from this Wasteland named the United States; we have enough idiots and we need no more.

Now watch and listen:


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