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Friends, Facebook has disabled my account four times now. I am, perhaps, the only person in the world from whom they requested a copy of my American passport and an American ID supposedly to identify me.  I have nothing to fear but fear itself.  I shall never be afraid again after I had left the oppressive Middle East as a journalist and after I came to the promised land on political asylum basis.

This prompted me to start my own Facebook-like website where citizens of the world can express themselves freely and without hesitation or fear of being cut off.  Freedom of expression and speech must never be compromised.  Give me freedom, or give me death.  The Website, is under construction at the moment and shall be launched perhaps early February.

This post, however, is on behalf of someone for whom I have the greatest respect.  She articulated what I had been trying to do since November 2016 election; and she did it so very well that everyone in the world must listen carefully, analyze, and reason and conclude.

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