Tolerance, Respect, Accepting and Having an Open Mind

An Essay by Sabri g Bebawi that shows striking resemblance between Donald Trump and Benito Mussolini.



It is the year 1919. I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi. I believe I must support the leader of my country, Italy. I believe I must be patriotic and support everything Italy and its leader stands for. I must respect and tolerate everyone, every ideology and every belief.

Just as the United States of America and Europe today ask us for tolerance and acceptance and open mindedness, I am – I supported Mussolini wholeheartedly as people support Donald Trump because one is supposed to support one’s leader.

After the war, Mussolini resumed his political activities, criticizing the Italian government for weakness at the Treaty of Versailles. He organized several right-wing groups into a single force and, in March 1919, formed the Fascist Party—the movement proclaimed opposition to social class discrimination and supported nationalist sentiments, hoping to raise Italy to levels of its great Roman past. Though some at the moment believe Mussolini is a Socialist, no, he is anti Socialism and broke away from the Socialist Party. I, Sabri Bebawi, have to be tolerant, accepting, and respecting all views and ideas. I have to respect my leaders as Americans have to respect Donald Trump as its leader.

Capitalizing on public discontent, Mussolini organized a Para-military unit known as the “Black Shirts,” who terrorized political opponents and helped increase Fascist influence. Similarly, Donald Trump gave ICE complete authority to terrorize anyone who did not look white.

By 1922, as Italy slipped into political chaos, Mussolini declared that only he could restore order and was given the authority. Similarly, Donald Trump declared that only he could make America “Great Again.” Mussolini gradually dismantled all democratic institutions, and by 1925, had made himself dictator, taking the title “Il Duce” (“the Leader”). Similarly, Donald Trump appoints secretaries of department with the aim of destroying these departments. I, Sabri Bebawi, have to tolerate, respect, and behold all beliefs, ideologies and philosophies and not to be biased or to insult anyone’s mental capacity or how good or evil the belief is.

Impressed with Italy’s early military successes, German dictator Adolf Hitler sought to establish a relationship with Benito Mussolini; similar to that relationship between Donald Trump and Putin. He was flattered by Hitler’s overtures and interpreted the recent diplomatic and military victories as proof of his genius. By 1939, the two countries had signed a military alliance known as the “Pact of Steel.” Influenced by Hitler, Mussolini instituted discrimination policies against the Jews in Italy. In 1940, Italy invaded Greece with some initial success.

Mussolini and his mistress, Claretta Petacci, attempted to escape to Switzerland, but were captured by the Italian underground on April 27, 1945. They were executed the following day, on April 28, 1945, in Mezzegra (near Dongo), Italy, and their bodies were hung on display in a Milan plaza. The Italian masses greeted Mussolini’s death without regret. Mussolini had promised his people Roman glory, but his megalomania, just like Donald Trump’s megalomania, had overcome his common sense, bringing them only war and misery.This writer hopes it would not reach these violent stages.

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