Continuing with the Issue of Tolerance, Acceptance, and Open Mindedness

Has anyone seen this?

Well!! Do not despair!! We have to be Tolerant, Accepting, and Open Minded about different beliefs. different ideologies and different ideas.  We have to be sensitive and not insult anyone’s belief or faith.  It is in the belief and faith of those who acted according to what their god told them to act that it is alright to have all those innocent people murdered – So let us not judge and respect the Islamists’  ideology.  If we do not, Facebook will block you – so be careful here. Facebook is important to relay the message, no?

So this writer is really tolerant, accepting and respecting all beliefs even those satanic verses and surahs in the holy books of both our beloved and kind brothers, the Moslems and the Christians. We are open minded and we understand that killing all those innocent people is part of your faith; and we respect and tolerate that – No problem there brothers.

In England, some Moslems want to have a city that applies Sharia Law where you can behead people, stone them to death, cut their hand and sexually have all the fun you want with a 12-year-old-girl – Well Allah allowed it; so, what is wrong with you people??? Have some tolerance and respect to other beliefs and ideologies here.

Long live Tolerance, Respect of different beliefs, Open Mindedness and living in harmony – Why Can’t we all get along?????


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