We Ought Be Thankful on this Harvest Festival day

A though by Dr. Sabri Bebawi

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Dear readers

It is this time again; it is the 2017 Thanksgiving celebration and the last one was quite memorable and you will discover why. However, if we ought be thankful, we should be thankful for so much:

  • We are, first and foremost, thankful that Donald Trump had been able to buy the White House and cause the great divide he had been talking about: “Making America Great Again.” He has certainly accomplished that, but little did we know that “Great” for him was to go back to before the Civil Liberty movement and the as far as the time of the writing of the Bill of Rights. So, this writer is thankful to Donald Trump for defacing America’s facade and showing it in its true white color; America had never been so racist since the Bill of Rights until Donald Trump came to picture – So, Thank you for showing the true American White Christian Face
  • This writer would forever be thankful if the natives would forgive the atrocities, the murders, and the destruction the White man brought to this beautiful land to steal its wealth and to occupy its land and then turn and call themselves the guardians of freedom.  In Sydney, Australia, I saw people wearing t-Shirts that read “We Are Sorry.” I hope Americans would have the decency to do the same, but I doubt that – Decency is not in the American language.
  • We, American Citizens, not Americans who prescribe to the values and ideology of Republicanism that promotes hate, violence, stealing, cheating, lying, and doing anything in the name of the “Pursuit of Happiness” which is to them means: “End justifies the mean.” – So, an American would steal a blind man’s dinner and justify the action by saying “well, god made him blind in the first place.” No, We American Citizens who are law abiding humans and who respect human life and human dignity are grateful to all the LATINOS, especially MEXICANS,  without whom America can not survive one day.
  • This writer is thankful to all the foreign scientists who make America great including the 100% foreign Scientists who run NASA and make us the proud country that we are.
  • This writer is thankful to all the Blacks in this country for making it richer and more tolerable. I am thankful for building what we are all enjoying today but we forget – Americans forget quickly.  I hope you drop the phrase Black American – You are American Citizens – Black or yellow has nothing to do with it.
  • I am thankful to all the foreign minds that came to this wasteland named America and made it a country that can pretend some pride at least.
  • I am thankful to all the brave citizens who have shown civil disobedience lately whether by refusing to salute the flag that represents oppression and abuse or posting a sign that reads “F…Trump and F….Those who voted for him.” We are thankful for your courage  and upholding the Constitution.
  • I must admit that I am thankful to all our brave soldiers and, military personnel for going after Moslem Murderers and destroying them one at a time – Thank you brave soldiers from this writer and the world.
  • Finally, this writer is thankful for losing sixteen white ‘presumingly’ friends after Donald Trump bought the White House.  This, of course, shows that those were not friends in the first place – one cannot lose something that one never had – So I am thankful

Have a great day my friends.


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