Facebook, People at Large, You and Me

An Essay by Dr. Sabri g Bebawi, PhD

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This writer has been on this planet for a long time now.  I am a 61-year-old writer, professor, and a lawyer; I have seen and experienced a lot as I lived, studied, and worked throughout each country in Europe. I am willing to attest that humans are dynamic in nature as we grow and change from childhood. this writer has certainly grown intellectually, emotionally, and physically (of course) since the age of ten forward.

Intellectual change comes with great deal of effort.  It is a result of education, questioning, observing, learning, and concluding.  It was not long ago, for example, that this writer was pro-the American death penalty. I was deceived to believe that by murdering murderers, we reduce crime and the number of murders.  Little did this writer, I, knew that such a concept was ridiculously faulty.  Evidence showed us otherwise and there are many problems with the death penalty that include: moral, financial, and cost-benefit analysis problems.  I have also grown intellectually to understand that America is not the country it makes itself to be; it is just as corrupt, inhuman, full of social and moral problems more than any other country in the Western world. I studied the “American Character” and found that indeed that America has never had a “Character.”  I have also grown intellectually to understand why when I was a child in Egypt, the government and the people always referred to America as “The Racist.” I had always thought it was jealousy and just hate because America is powerful and supports Israel.  Little did I I knew that America was neither powerfor nor moral – it has always indeed been racist.  It was in the mid-sixties that US Supreme Court had to decide whether Black People were humans.

One grow emotionally, too. With higher education and legal training, one becomes a philosopher, a thinker- a deep one indeed. One questions everything to expand the mind and to quench the thirst for knowledge. I was not different. After all my greatly appreciated experiences in London, Paris, Rome, Holland, Austria, Greece and Cyprus, I found that my experience in the US is close to null. I learned nothing; I only acquired anger, frustration and developed a sense of delusion.  I wrote my first novel many years ago, but the second many years after and its title is “A Dream Is Just That,: in which I made it clear that there is absolutely no difference between the United States and the third world country, Egypt, except that people here wear suits.  The stupidity, the ignorance the religious hallucination are all just the same. I grew intellectually and emotionally.

In addition to such growth and changes, one must not ignore the physical growth. Such physical growth is not limited to aging.  Ricard said “I Think; therefore, I am.”  And nothing is more truthful.  We think – we all think.  These days, with a Fascist and a Nazi want-to-be-president Donald Trump, our existence is threatened in so many ways.  Not that we will be killed and destroyed, but we will lose our freedom, our democracy and our Constitution.  As a writer, my physical existence is at stake. When you consider what a company like Facebook does or did, you worry.  Facebook had deleted my account three times.  Each time was for a reason. This last time was because of a post in which I criticized strongly the police officers who cited the young lady who had a sticker on her car that read “F… Trump, and F… Those Who Voted for Him.” Now, what is wrong with that in America considering the First Amendment and our freedom of expression? So I called the officers racists – which they certainly are – Republican evil – which they most certainly are – and Trump supporters, which is most accurately are. And I added “F…the Officers Too” and asked for their release from duty.  Facebook did not like that and banned me.  This forces me to conclude that the owners and operators of Facebook are Republican Evil.  And most my readers know how I distinguish between an American (an inhuman user, abuser, thief, cheater, liar, and believes that end justifies the means because his jesus told him/her so) and an American Citizen who is a decent law abiding citizen with great sense of Social Responsibility and patriotism and love for America.

Finally, yes, humans are dynamic in nature as we grow and change from childhood.  I am not any different.  Perhaps the difference is that I am not an American – I am an American Citizen who shall always fight with his pen for the Constitution.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi, PhD

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