Who, in his right mind, Wants to be a Republican?

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This humble writer is not a young man; he is a 62-year-old lawyer, professor, and a novelist; he is also a Fellow of The Salzburg Institution on Globalization, Austria. It would be obvious that this writer is strongly against the abuse of globalization and does not believe the “Earth is Flat” as Friedman, a friend of mine, believes.

Before I start my critical analysis of Republicanism and Republicans, I want to make it clear that all Jews are not included in this critical analysis.  The reason is pretty clear.  It has always been Republicans who stood by the Jews and supported them against the violence of the Arabs.  I can fully understand why some Jews support Republicanism and I forgive them for this because I think they have a higher purpose and reason,  It is not that they prescribe to Republican ideology; it is just they support the Republican party in general for the fact that the party has always been on their side – so am I – I love the Jews and I love Israel.  I have many Jewish friends who are Republicans but never prescribe to republicanism or its evil ideology.  THIS HAS TO BE MADE CLEAR FROM THE START.

Now to being a Republican, I wonder who in his full mental capacity would associate himself with such an ideology. The ideology in itself is quite as disturbing as Fascism and Communism. The Republican Ideology is based on “Selfishness” and  complete lack of “Social Responsibility” – it is me, me, me, me, me, me. A Republican who subscribes to such a philosophy believes that he/she is entitled to abusing, using and enslaving the poor for him/herself. A republican believes that it is fine to lie, cheat, steal and do anything possible to reach a goal.  A French waiter told me once “An American is one who steals a blind man’s dinner justifying it by saying ‘god made him blind in the first place.'” So a Republican wants everyone’s money and everyone’s positions because he/she feels entitled to it as the philosophy dictates.

Now the question that often bothers me, how do these people go to sleep? Do they have families with children? What do they talk about at dinner? I have no idea.  I can say that it is in my opinion that a Republican who prescribes to these satanic ideas I wrote about must be:

(1) Abused as a child

(2) Parents were absolutely useless in teaching their children Social Responsibilities

(3) Grew up either far too poor or far too rich that in either case, there is a sense of numbness

(4) Believing in a mythical god that tells him/her it is ok to be so (Religious zealous people)

(5) A sense of immortality

(6) Poor Republicans are uneducated and lack critical thinking skills, just like most religious fanatics

(7) Racism and believing a sense of superiority

(8) Most Republicans are possibly seeking a purpose for living

(9) Republican justify their evil deeds by a sense of entitlement

And much much much more I have no patience for.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi




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