Imprison Donald Trump; Free Edward Snowden

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This humble writer is confused, and disturbed decent American Citizen (not American for I do not subscribe to the American evil ideology of cheating, stealing, lying, oppressing, using, and that end justifies the means)- We have a president-want-to-be named Donald Trump who has committed numerous crimes against the United States and its citizens. He has also committed treason and perjured himself when he swore to uphold the US Constitution for everything hde has done has been to undermine the Constitution. He constantly threatens our checks and balances system and directly interfered in the judicial branch.

In contrast, Edward Snowden did what any decent American citizen should do – expose corruption and show transparency. He should be protected under the Whistleblower Law.  And what is so strange is that the imbecile Donald Trump calls for Snowden’s execution while the one who should be going to the guillotine is Trump himself.  This writer shall not rest until Trump is severely punished for his crimes against America and the world.

Furthermore, it is in this writer’s opinion that members of Congress in both houses who are castrated or paid substantial amounts of money to do nothing, should also go to maximum prison.  This writer wishes that all this RESISTANCE, though in principle is the same as the French Resistance, but in reality is a non violent one.  It is a resistance using words, pens, articles, essays, speeches, civil disobedience, and all peaceful methods possible.  A pen is mightier than sword.  We have clear evidence of that now that Facebook has dismantled three accounts for me with a year.  The last one was because I supported the lady who exercised her First Amendment Right by displaying a sticker that read “F…Trump and F,… those who voted for him.” She was arrested and now is prosecuted for disobedience since she disobeyed racist Texan Police Officers – I would have done the same as she did and I would.  In fact, I always wear a T-Shirt that reads “TUCK  FRUMP.” Which is exactly what that brave Texan lady did.

Let us not play cat and mouse game.  Get this over with.  Impeach the bastard or arrest him and get America back on track and make it “GREAT” again.  I shall be in Europe and I shall not come back if that imbecile Donald Trump gives the State of the Union Address – I am afraid that her will pray or read the lord’s prayer as he had his porno star wife do.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi



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