We Must Boycott Facebook


Dear readers, this is the third time in a year that Facebook either suspend my account, deactivate my account or do strange things to make my account unavailable.  I have had enough and shall not deal with Facebook again.

This last time happened last night after I posted a comment about the police in Texas prosecuting a young lady for having a sign on her car that read “F…Trump and F…those who voted for him.” I considered the young lady a socially responsible person exercising her First Amendment Right and I added ‘F… Texas Police and all the Bible-Belt States.”

Long behold, my Facebook disappeared and no way to retrieve it. And that is the America we live in today. Hence, The Resistance as we shall not stand watching Donald Trump destroying our beloved America.

So, to all Republicans who truly prescribe to Republican ideology, I have so much to tell you, but I shall refrain because I am a gentleman and shall never give you the pleasure of making scientists like me go down to your gutter level.

We shall overcome and we shall imprison Donald Trump for all the crimes he committed before and after buying the White House.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi


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