This Is Not America 

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It is in this writer’s opinion that Donald Trump, the Fascist/Nazi/KKK Bastard has given racist Americans a card blanche to do what they like.  He has divided the country and took its “greatness” away from it. He has proven that he is not only an imbecile, but an evil, abusive, dictator who thinks that America is his own company.

Mr. Trump, wake up and stop your cocaine addiction because you are causing America a lot of damage. You have made us the laughing topic of everyday around the world; you have made even third world countries disrespect us.  So to you and to those 20 people who voted for you, you please go to hell and leave America alone.  It is embarrassing to be an American unless you are from Texas or one of the bible belt states.

Trump, you have proven over and over again and again that you are a criminal bastard who does not give a damn; you think you are above the law and you think that the Executive Branch is above the other two. You are so bloody lucky that we have a corrupt Congress that allows you to get away with all that.

This writer detests you and wishes to exile you to Siberia or to imprison you in a dungeon somewhere unknown because I worry that Pat Robertson would make a Saint out of you.



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