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As I Often Do, I Wonder !!!


I wonder why Trump is still trying to be the president of the United States
I wonder why his family is behind him knowing he is certifiably insane
I wonder when we will get rid of all members of both Houses of Congress
I wonder why the Moslem, Mexican, Indian or Chinese worlds consider sex a taboo, but they have the highest population
I wonder if we could put an impotence pill in the water the Moslem world drinks
I wonder if we still have three branches of government
I wonder if America should return the Statue of Liberty since it is phony
I wonder if all Mexican workers, Mexican professionals and Mexican scientists leave America, what might happen
I wonder if America sends all foreigners back; wouldn’t it collapse in minutes?
I wonder if education in America from primary to secondary school were useful
I wonder if education were useful, would we have tbe same useless government?
I wonder why America ensures that their population is stupid and ignorant
I wonder why the world is afraid of the most coward nation on the planet, America
I wonder if Europe would isolate America, would America wake up?
I wonder if Americans know that most the brains in this country are foreigners
I wonder if Americans know that 100% of NASA Scientists are foreigners
I wonder which books are more beneficial to humanity, Satanic Religious books, or Science books?
I wonder why people have Bible Study sessions and not Stephen Hawkin’s books study
I wonder if the United States and Europe created the word and the acts of “Terrorism.’
I wonder if the Bush/Cheney gangster group arranged 9/11 attacks
I wonder if Donald Trump is insane
I wonder if I am sane.

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