It is absolutely amazingly stupid that Trump thought he could pull something like that in the United States of America.  Yes, The USA has been through a lot of scandals and turmoil, but nothing like this.

We have a gangster who sold our country to a foreign entity,  A criminal who make deals abroad for his and his family’s benefits.  He makes foreign deals for keeping his power as a president-want-to-be.  However, with every move he makes, and every step he takes, he is doomed to fail.

Here is the latest, ladies and gentlemen. 

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange trolled Donald Trump Jr. over their newly revealed private exchanges during the campaign, tweeting at President Trump’s son that “our offer of being ambassador to the US still stands” and could involve opening “a hotel style embassy in DC with luxury immunity suites for whistleblowers.”

This would be otherwise unbelievable, but with Trump and his gangs, knowing how stupid he and they are, it is not surprising at all.

What is surprising is the people who still believe in Trump and cheer and support him instead of spitting on his face and throughing their shoes at him like the brave Arab Journalist did to the idiot George Bush (The Baby).

When will the stupid Americans learn? Yes, most people around the world know that Americans are not the smartest people in the world if not the most stupid – but this is beyond stupidity – this is mental retardation.

The Resistance and most intellectual educated people in this god forsaken country demand that our employees and workers, the members of Congress do something soon.  We are now the most ridiculed country in the world and rightfully so. Trump is a clown, but it is no longer funny


Trump, you shall go to prison my friend. I assure you that America will always be America and neither you nor the devil himself (who is you) can do anything about it.


I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi and I will bring Trump and his Gangsters down.


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