An Essay by Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

When the Honorable President Barack Obama was in office, the imbecile Donald Trump tweeted: “Can a president be impeached for incompetence?”  I thought that was a very good question, though I never thought of the great Honorable Obama as being incompetent. Now this comes back to haunt Donald Trump.  Although I do not and will never consider him a president, I will still ask the question if it is possible to impeach a president for blatant stupidity.

We do not need a PhD mind to show that Donald Trump is certifiably stupid.  Let us go back to the time of his campaign.  Remember this:
Trump’ Stupidity

Also, do you remember this? I know that most people in America have selective memory and have the attention span of a toddler; but surely this will always be remembered:

Trump’s Irrational Insults

There is so much more, one would need to write a PhD Dissertation. How about the his compulsive lying character? Yesterday he told journalists that he spoke with Putin and Putin promised him that Russia had not interfered in the election. “He said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. He did not do what they are saying he did.”  Shortly after, Putin denies that they ever talked about such a thing; even the Kremlin had to issue a statement regarding this embarrassing matter.  What the hell!! How about the sixteen reputable US agencies that testify that indeed Russia rugged the election.

Donald, you are digging your grave deeper and deeper. Do yourself a favor and resign – Yes, they would impeach a stupid president – and you will be impeached and may be  become the first US president to go to prison for you are a TRAITOR Maniac-You are a psychopath and a Sociopath my friend.

We have a saying in Arabic “He who has a wound on his head has the tendency to always touch it.” For you, Dodo, to say that is an indication that you know you are guilty of treason. The same thing when you said about your support for the KKK “…I did not even know the Duke was there.?





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