My Beloved, The State of Israel Is in Danger                                                   A Study by Dr. Sabri g Bebawi, PhD

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It is completely understandable that my beloved Jews would support Republicans more than Democrats. It has been a historical fact that Republicans have been more supportive to the great state of Israel more than any other group. However, the situation is very different this time. This Republican president-want-to-be Donald Trump is not the traditional Republican who unconditionally supported the State of Israel. Trump is a Fascist, Nazi, and a (without any doubt) either a full pledged member or a sympathizer with the terrorist anti Jews group the KKK. There is overwhelming evidence of this fact:

  • One KKK member said blatantly a woman was killed. Then we have Trump’s reaction: he clearly announced: “there is blame on both sides” And when he was criticized for that, he said: “…I did not even know that the Duke was there…” In Arabic we say “he who has a wound on his head often touches it.” Trump is a KKK; hence, he is anti Jews and anything else that is not “WHITE.”


  • While the whole world recognizes that Qatar, the emirate, is and has been supporting Islamist Murderers financially and logistically, and most of the world closed the Qatar Embassies and Consulates. In the meantime, Trump and his daughter go to Qatar to make financial deals


  • While the whole world knows that Saudi Arabia would love to see Israel wiped off the map; and that Saudi Arabia pays $5000.00 to each family who has an Islamist murderer who died while carrying out a murder attack, Saudi Arabia is still Trump’s best friend and partner in crime.


  • Perhaps on first glance, one may support the compulsive liar Donald Trump on his stand against Iran and his cancellation of the previous agreements that ensured Iran would not develop nuclear weapons; however, this could be disastrous for Israel. If Iran develops any form of missiles that can carry nuclear heads, Israel would –without any doubt – be attacked regardless of the consequences. Iranian government is certifiably more insane than the American government – that is we had an American government.
  • I am not sure how Prime Minister Netanyahu cannot see that Trump is a compulsive liar and is certainly an untrustworthy person. All he says is lies one lie after another – The man is a psychopath and a sociopath. This writer cannot comprehend how the Israeli government trusts this Neanderthal.


On a much different note, It is not a secret that Russian Leader Vladimir Putin is more of a pro-Israel than his predecessors. It is also not a secret that the election of Israel’ Ariel Sharon, a pro-Russian has greatly improved the relationship between the two nations significantly since the 2000s.

Additionally, British-Israeli relationship has been severely strained in these last few days after British Minister Patel has resigned from office after meetings with Israeli officials including Netanyahu – the problem has been the Golan Heights.

Furthermore, Lebanon’s Hariri’s sudden resignation citing threats to his life by Hamas and Islamic groups sent shock waves to the already in severe turmoil Middle East.


All this and that make this writer weary about the state of beloved Israel and what the near future holds for it. I hope that Israel knows what it is doing.


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