Dear Readers, please do not dismiss this for any reason.  This i the absolute truth as Donald Trump sees it and as Evangelical Christians see it, too; so do not be close mineded and open your mind and forget about Tolerance VS Stupidity, about which I always write.

A very strange phenomenon happened tonight:
First, I opened a box of fresh eggs I had just bout from the store and I found a cross on the egg. I prayed and cracked the egg to fry it. I was absolutely mesmerised to see what you will see here. I called the Coptic Priest Mother Makarios Bestworous from the Coptic Church in San Francisco where I had never been, nor have I ever met that father; I asked him what to do with the egg with cross,;
he told me the good lord wanted to tell me something and I should crack it while she was with me on the phone – She had a very sexy voice, o I was very pleased. When I cracked the egg, I was speechless; she continued asking me what was happening and I told he the yolk had a picture of the good lord jesus bin joseph- The priest was so amazed that she hung up on me.
I must worn you I am an atheist and believe in no gods, angels or demons, and the priest knew that.
You must reply to this message with your opinion. I think god wants to tell me something – perhaps to believe in Donald Trump for he is the daughter of god. I shall have to give up showing how orange, impotent, psychotic, and uneducated he is. I must respect the will of god or Evangelical Pat Robertson will go after me or sue me or something. He is Scary and said that all the environmental disasters and weapon violence were because we do not love the daughter of god Donald Trump. I love Donald Trump Really – do not hurt me oK, you Bastard?

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