An Essay by Dr. Sabri g Bebawi

Dear reader, I was, as I often do, sitting on my balcony smoking a Dunhill cigarette and sipping on a glass of Samuel Adams beer watching the vast Pacific Ocean before me as it touches the unknown sky on the horizon and a strange thought came to me. How did it happen that I am almost sixty-two-year-old man? And as imaginative as I am, suddenly I was a child in Egypt. Not really a child, for I have little memory of my childhood, but a teenager.

All I remember from childhood is the great president Gamal Abdul Nasser. I did not know he was great then, because my immoral capitalist rich grandfather hated him. The reason he hated him was that Nasser took five acres from my grandfather’s estate to give to the farmers to make better lives for themselves. My grandfather was abusive and treated his farmers like a slave; I loved what Nasser did; I did not like my capitalist grandfather or his mansion.

I had always been puzzled, though, until I grew much older, why Nasser and all media outlets always referred to America as “RACIST AMERICA?” I always had the feeling that Egypt and the Arabs were just jealous of America and its greatness. Little did I know that America was indeed a racist country until the late 60s when the Supreme Court had to decide whether Blacks were humans to be afforded the Constitutional sentence “All humans are created equal.” Now I know and I respect President Gamal Abdul Nasser better than ever.


Then I remember the war with Israel; the 1967 war in which Egypt was defeated badly and admitted it; and the 1973 war in which Egypt was also defeated badly but never admitted it   The difference was that the 1967 war was real, the 1973 was staged so that Sadat, a president I dislike intensely, would agree to the Camp David Peace Treaty with Carter and Manheim Began.   Please do not misunderstand me here. I am for the treaty and I love Israel dearly. It is my contention, however, that the United States had arranged for murdering Nasser and putting Sadat in power. Sadat was quite insane. He had published a book titled “The Search for Identity” in which he stated that he was talking to god on occasions and god had told him to make peace with Israel and release all the Moslem Brothers from the prisons in which president Nasser had put; in the first place he did so because of the danger they posed. It is my belief that today’s Islamic Murders is a direct result of Sadat’s action of releasing the Moslem Brothers.


It is significant to mention that I was so very much pro Israel that the military high school I attended had given each student a rifle and trained us all to kill Jews and drink their blood. I could not see what the reasons for that were, so I refused to carry weapons and refused to participate in the brainwash system the school implemented. The head of the school, who was an Admiral, would expel me everyday from school for disobedience and for refusing to cut my hair which was as long as John Lennon’s at the time.   Well, fortunately, or unfortunately, I do not know, my father having been a man of power and authority as a Supreme Court Justice, would call the Admiral and I would be back to school the next day only to be expelled again – I loved that game. I would have never carried arms against the Jews – ever.

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Then I became an adult, I think; though I am a 62-year-old-man, I do not feel like an adult, yet, despite the plethora of disease from which I suffer. I am still on the balcony writing this and watching ships going north and going south and wonder where they might be going. Then I thought of my father’s demise and return to before birth; that day I had aged a 100 years. I always miss my father – always. And at times I feel sad for the difficulties I caused him not only in High School with the stupid military criminals, but also with the Egyptians at large. When I was in Law School, I refused to take buses after two incidents when I had felt an erected penis in my ass while standing on a crowded bus. I gave my father the options to buy me a car or to take taxis. I had never ridden a bus in Egypt ever again – only two times in my life. I am still remembering, at times with a frown and at times with a smile.


Then I remembered escaping Egypt forever and spending the last semester of Law School at Oxford University in England. I have never returned to Egypt then – That was in 1977. I could have never joined the military conscription for I could have never fought the people I love the most – The JEWS. I hated Egypt for its religious hallucination – christians and Moslems alike – I have read their holy books and found nothing holy about them. They are full of satanic verses, especially the quran and sharia, which I studied deeply in law school.

download-3  This is Oxford University       Egypt_Now

These are mentally challenged Moslems in Egypt

What a life – Now I am here in “Racist America” – It had never changed since President Nasser had been in power when I was born in 1956 – If anything, it has gotten worse and worse. We now have a KKK, a Fascist, and a Nazi president-want-to-be and I am at a loss not knowing what to do.

Fascist / Nazi Trump

Dear Dad, what can I do? Can you reply please? I need you.


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