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I am Sabri Bebawi.  I am a Doctor of Philosophy, not a physician, though I understand much about health since I have been sick since childhood. Please read my book: “Divine Comedy” to know what I am writing here.  As many writers and avid readers know, a writer should not write because “he/she wants to say something,” but one should write because “one has something to say.” I have something to say.

To get to the point, though I feel it is a little late, I had been a college professor and a writer for many years until I was struck with Cancer, Systemic Lupus and a plethora of illnesses and was forced to retire. The college offered me the same medical insurance “Anthem Blue Cross, PPO” but I had to pay for it and all was well with my doctors, hospitals, surgeries, and procedures.  I had been respected by all the medical staff with whom I dealt and I was pleased.  Then came the Facist/Nazi Donald Trump.

Starting January 2017, my life turned upside down. The Nazi/Fascist Trump issued an executive order (his first and worst) whereby he told companies and corporation to “Go make mone…” and he took away all the regulations that had been in place for years. Naturally, human nature, as evil as it can be: (My son told me today that everyone is a killer, all you have to do is push him/her to the limits) What wisdom.  Naturally, Anthem Blue Cross is a business and in the business of making money and hurting people as far as they can go. They suddenly increased my premium from $1,200.00 to &2,400.00 a month. Now, dear reader, tell me who in this forsaken country can pay that unless he/she is a politician or a drug dealer “or both as it is normally the case?”

I had to cancel my insurance. It is very hard for me to express how humiliated I have been by my doctors, nurses, hospital staff and all my medical personnel who had at one point treated me like a prince.  Now I have to wait more than an hour for a doctor; I have to see different doctors than the ones who had been treating me for 40 years. And I have to go to hospitals where —you know — no need to explain.

I am distraught and sad.  I cannot wait for the day Trump resigns or goes to prison. It appears that members of both house have been castrated and women bought just as Trump bought the White House. I am not sure if I have hope.

I am leaving for Europe the end of the month.  If Trump gives the State of the Union Address, I shall not come back.  If someone else does, I will come back proud to be an American Citizen.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi, Esq, Phd – Social Scientist


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