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Dear friends: My dear wife had a conversation with a person on a news site on the net. This person said that the “United States Is Not A Democracy; It Is A Republic.”
This prompts me as a Social Scientist and Professor to write about that and to educate poor intellectually deprived Americans – NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS- (please read my article “I Am Not An American” at
I make a clear distinction between an American -as a philosophy, an ideology and a set of beliefs-, and an American Citizen.
An American ideologist is one who is a liar, a cheater, a thief an abuser, a user and an inhuman; he is one who would steal a blind man’s dinner justifying it by saying “God made him blind in the first place.” – End Justifies the Means.
An American Citizen is a decent human who abides by the laws and the Constitution of this wonderful country that was great before January 2017.
So, now, as a Professor, I have to explain to that idiot and all American idiots understand (maybe) the difference between Economic Systems and Governing Systems:
Understanding different political systems is important. Each political system has its advantages and disadvantages. It is worth considering the merits of other political systems, and perhaps incorporating some of the ideas into your own system. Some of the five more common political systems around the world include:
Read about Economic Systems below

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