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Today is Thursday, August twenty eights. Chiara wakes up early though her flight is at noon. She is excited and euphoric. She jumps in the shower singing French songs. Her parents hear her. They both are jubilant for her and look at each other with love and support. Perhaps because she is not involved with anyone, and she is sexual,
Chiara gets erotic again and masturbates using her preferable method, the showerhead. She moans and sighs; Mario, Ada, and Rosie hear her and her heavy breathing; they look at one another and smile. Chiara finishes her masturbation and shower, gets in her sexy rope and goes to the kitchen. When notices that Ada, Mario, and Rosie carry a mischievous smile, she asks, “ Why are you smiling?” “
Shouldn’t you say good morning first, Chiara? ”Her mother snaps at her. “
Oh! Sorry! Good morning Mom, Dad, Rosie.” Chiara greets everyone.
“Good morning.” They reply.
It is not in Chiara’s mind that her parents and Rosie heard her moaning and heavy breathing, but she gets red when her dad exclaims,
“Your singing in the shower is pleasant honey.”
This statement makes Chiara embarrassed and Ada angry with her husband, Mario.
“What do you mean Mario Calione?” Ada snaps.
This is the first time Chiara realizes her mom’s jealousy of her; yes, she has read many novels and books that depict mother-daughter jealousy, but the reflection never crossed her mind. She gets naughty and mischievous; she says, “Thanks Dad,” and she goes to him, kisses him on the cheek and
in a very infrequent gesture of her, she sits on his lap. Her mother, Ada, is furious. “
Honey! Do not bother your father; he has an important trial today.”
Mario feels his wife’s discomfort. He says,
“I have to run now. Bon voyage baby.” Call as soon as you arrive, OK”?
He hurries, kisses Ada and Chiara and leaves.
There is a moment of awkwardness. Chiara senses her dad’s discomfort, and that confuses her; her mother Ada is not hiding her jealousy and irritation; Rosie is just an observant to this fiasco of events. Ada is taking Chiara in
Chiara’s new Mercedes to Los Angeles Airport, Tom Bradley Terminal, to take Alitalia Airline at twenty – five minutes past one to Fiumicino, Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome.
On the way, Ada speaks of Sofia Curti, the woman who will host Chiara, and gives advice to her daughter. They arrive at the airport and Chiara insists that her mother should just drop her off and drive to work; Ada hugs her daughter, kisses her on both cheeks and lips, wishes her well and asks her to call upon arriving at Sofia Curti’s home. Chiara obliges and exits the car. She enters the airport and goes to the check-in counter. She goes through security to her gate and waits for the flight.
Chiara is full of mixed emotions. She does not grasp for sure if this step she is taking is wise; but she is jubilant and is looking forward to many adventures. She sits at a bar near the gate and asks the bar tender for a martini. The bar tender asks to see her driver’s license. She picks it up from her wallet with a smile. She feels young and is happy that others see her young, too. Twelve hours later, the plane is landing in Rome airport on Friday. Chiara’s heart pulsates, but she convinces herself that she will be just fine. Chiara’s first meeting with gorgeous Italian boys is with the immigration officer.
“Bienvenuti a Roma, Signorina Calione.”
The officer says with a sexy and nervous voice as he is taken by Chiara’s noticeable sensuality.“
“Sei Italiana?” The officer asks if Chiara is Italian.
“No, I am American but my parents are Italians.” Chiara responds to the sexy officer with tenderness and sensuality. The officer turns red with Chiara’s flirtatious behavior.
He stamps her passport and wishes her well. Chiara picks up her luggage and exits the arrival terminal. Soon after, she sees a woman who is well dressed, has wavy dark hair, skinny, tall and pleasant approaching her; she could recognize her from the photos her mom, Ada, showed her; she knew it was Sofia. The woman gets closer to Chiara,
“Chiara, right?” Sofia asks.
“Sofia, right?” Chiara imitates.
They both greet each other and are happy and impressed.
Sofia Curti takes Chiara from Rome airport in her Fiat 500 sport and drives in an erratic fashion as most Italians do. Chiara is holding on frightened for she is not familiar with Italian driving methods. Sofia is so fascinated by her new
GPS, and she follows it. They drive following the advice of the GPS male voice. Turn right here; turn left here; in one and half mile make a U-Turn; go straight for one mile. Turn left at this intersection. After that, Sofia and Chiara
find themselves in the same spot where they started. They both curse a few words and reset the GPS.
“Fanculo,” Sofia screams.
“Is that Fuck in Italian?” Chiara asks.
“Yes, bastardi.” They both laughed at the mishap and after an hour, they arrive at Sofia’s apartment on the fifth floor in a high building on Via Veneto.
“Welcome Chiara love, welcome.” Sofia Curti welcomes her guest Chiara Calione.
I am sorry for the mess here; I had friends over last night and we drank too much.”
Sofia apologizes to Chiara. Chiara looks around and she is walking to the kitchen and sees many empty glasses of whiskey, beer, cognac and other drinks. Bottles are on the kitchen table; empty and half full glasses are on the floor.
“Oh! Do not worry Sofia. I am ok with that. I have done these parties myself many times.” Chiara exclaims.
“No, you did not. This was a wild party, many unusual activities, and I am sure, at least I hope, you do not do that. ”Chiara is in a state of surprise and she is uncomfortable, but excited, and curious. “
It is ok, Sofia; I will help you clean.”
Sofia and Chiara clean up the kitchen and talk at the same time. Chiara is taken by Sofia’s liberal thoughts of taboos including sex. She hears Sofia saying things she had never heard; maybe pondered, but never heard.
Chiara analyzes Sofia for a moment. She soon judges her as a nymphomaniac, and she is. She sees her as spontaneous and erotic, and she is; and she sees her liberated from conformities. Chiara likes that and wishes to live the same way as Sofia does, but she soon realizes that she is an American, and Americans are innately puritans, reserved, conservatives.

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