Will you ever be civilized like you used to? Are you not ashamed of yourselves?

Look at Egypt before Islamic Madness


Look at Egypt Today and Cry and say Hell with Islam and Sharia and tell President El Sisi of Egypt not to dance on the middle of the stairs.  Make this crab illegal or declare yourself Islamist


FOOTNOTEWhen I was in Law School in Cairo, in the 1970s, my cousins, friends and I knew who the prostitutes were.  They were women in these Islamic cloths as above.  We would approach them from our car and negotiate a price, then take them home. 

So, these submissive women pretend to be modest.  In fact they attract attention to the point that if I revive my memory I would believe they are prostitutes – and there is nothing wrong with prostitution.  So, dear Moslems, you do not have to go to that extend because in doing so, you are demeaning yourselves to nothing but sex slaves. And you really are; please do not expect my respect.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi, a Social Scientist


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