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This humble subject of your Royal Kingdom wishes to pose some questions to your HOLINESS hoping to receive some rational answers and not the gibberish we have become so accustomed to hearing from your Majesty.

Since your appointment, you have become a media icon talking about love, peace, good work, and all those beautiful terms that all corrupt world leaders use so blatantly and shamelessly as though the world is made of fools except the powerful elites as your HOLINESS. How is it possible you talk of love, peace and good work while leading the only secretive bank with $8.2 billion that is exempted from regulations and taxation?

According to records as of 2011, the Vatican Bank, which was founded by Pope Pius XII in 1942, has 33,000 accounts and some 20,772 clients, a majority or roughly about 68 per cent of them are members of the clergy, according to the New York Times. Assets under management have been placed at $8.2 billion during that time. (Intl Business Times, 2013.) And many heads of this bank, your employees, have been charged with money laundering and questionable financial transactions.  What will your Majesty do about that instead of talking of love, peace, and good work?

Furthermore, how about the billion-dollar investment you have in the German porn media company, Wetbild. Not only that, but points out the Catholic Church’s ownership (50% equity) in another publishing company called Droemer Knaur, which has its own line-up of erotic materials such as “Sag Luder zu mir!” (Call Me Slut!),”Nimm mich hier und nimm mich jetzt!” (Take Me Here, Take Me Now!).  Hello Mr. Pope! where is the good work? This writer does not really oppose porn as a form of free speech, but you and your posse certainly do, right?

I am sure your HOLINESS will be happy to know that only very, very few people know that the largest arms industry in the whole world, Pietro Beretta gun factory Ltd. is controlled by the Holding SpA Beretta and majority shareholder of the Beretta Holding SpA after Gussalli Ugo Beretta, is the Vatican Bank. Arms, Mr. Pope! Arms that kill people around the world and you talk of peace and good work?

Since your appointment, the only good work you did was to sell the most expensive Harley-Davidson in the world, which you had owned, and no one knows how, and you used the money to open a soup kitchen in Rome.  Now that you are THE POPE, what is $326,000.00? You have $8.2 billion.

Your Majesty Pope Francis, why have you not, yet, instructed your mob to help the poor around the world? Why have you done nothing but talk, talk, talk and talk?  Why have not you yet withdrawn your banks shares from the largest arms dealers? Why have you not apologized to all those sexually abused by your crew around the world.

Please, Your Majesty, Stop Talking.

Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

Pope Stephen VI (896-897), who had his predecessor Pope Formosus exhumed, tried, de-fingered, briefly reburied, and thrown in the Tiber.
Pope John XII (955-964), who gave land to a mistress, murdered several people, and was killed by a man who caught him in bed with his wife.
Pope Benedict IX (1032-1044, 1045, 1047-1048), who sold the Papacy
Pope Boniface VIII (1294-1303), who is lampooned in Dantes Divine Comedy
Pope Urban VI (1378-1389), who complained that he did not hear enough screaming when Cardinals who had conspired against him were tortured.
Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503), a Borgia, who was guilty of nepotism and whose unattended corpse swelled until it could barely fit in a coffin.
Pope Leo X (1513-1521), a spendthrift member of the Medici family who once spent 1/7 of his predecessors reserves on a single ceremony
Pope Clement VII (1523-1534), also a Medici, whose power-politicking with France, Spain, and Germany got Rome sacked.
(From E. Chamberlains book The Bad Popes)

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