In a previous essay I wrote that I am proud to be an American Citizen but I can never be an American.  I explained that being an American is subscribing to a philosophy, an ideology and a set of beliefs – these are to lie, cheat, steal, kill, abuse, use, step on others, believing that end justifies the means, and they call it “Pursuit of Happiness.” – I am a human and cannot be an American – NEVER

This idea of mine became alive today as I received a high medical bill. Dear reader, I have been on permanent disability from where I used to teach since December 2010, and I was able to have Medicare two years later (2013) and I had to pay for the insurance the college was offering us “Anthem Blue Cross PPO” –  I have also received Medical in 2015 but never used it for I am very sensitive about using bloody government money. Long behold comes the intellectually deprived Nazi and Fascist Donald Trump and his first executive order was to allow companies to do what they want without regulation. Suddenly my medical insurance through the college doubled and there was/is/will never be a way to pay it – one has to be a millionaire to afford it.  So I cancelled it starting end of October and started using Medical – None of my doctors accept medical.

Today I received the first bill and I am in a shock and do not know what to do.  I called the authorities to ask for a supplementary insurance, they said I do not qualify because I am not 65-years-old yet.

Please advise: What shall I do? America wants me to kill myself but I shall never give it that satisfaction.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi and I am sick of America – Will any country take me please?


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