World War 3 warning

Please "Donate" in case I live through this Please educate yourself.  Silence is the voice of complacency NORTH KOREA has “accelerated” its capabilities and the likelihood of a war breaking out between Kim Jong-un’s state and the US goes “up and up”, according to a former top US military official. Speak for Diplomacy - … Continue reading World War 3 warning

FOX NETWORKS – The Shame of the 21st Century

Please "Donate" O'Reilly, why don't you go to hell or to an Arab country where women are slaves since you are so misogynist? The Arab world fits you well, besides Fox. My hat is off to Megun Kelly - You are brave and great and I am proud of you.

Higher Education in the World

Please "DONATE" WE, PhD Holders ARE A MINORITY.  In the United States, we need to bear in mind that most PhDs are foreigners.  The imbecile Trump does not know; I am sure he does not know what a PhD is. What percentage of the population has a doctorate degree? General attainment of degrees/diplomas Education Age … Continue reading Higher Education in the World