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Since the idiot Donald Trump started playing president, he has shown complete ignorance, disregard, disrespect and complete ignorance of what our country is about and what our laws and our Constitution mean.  It is absolutely dumbfounding that the evil Republican Party is standing by doing nothing about the continuous attacks on our Constitution.

I like to remind my passive readers that if this were to happen in any European country, the whole population would be on the street demanding that Trump stop playing president. The man is a sociopath and a psychopath and only sociopath and psychopath citizens of this country cannot see that,

I want to remind idiot Americans of their RIGHTS.





Trump, please do American Citizens a favor and go work for ISIS – They will make you a president, I am sure. First, they are looking for a leader; you are just as criminal as they are; you are just as idiotic as they are; you pretend to believe in a mythical being called god like they do with their evil “allah;” you hate the United States and its citizens just like they do; and you have no respect for law or order just as they do.  Trump, you are  a perfect candidate and I assure you, despite your orange color, you will be hired.  This will save us decent American Citizens a lot of grief.


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