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It has been becoming more and more obvious that since Donald Trump, president-want-to-be came to picture that naturalized citizens, legal residents and undocumented decent humans are afraid and timid.  Please do not.  Hear me and hear me well. I am a Naturalized Citizen, but as I wrote in an article on this blog, I am not an American – that because an American is a philosophy, an ideology and a set of beliefs to which I, and many decent American citizens do not subscribe.  I am also a lawyer, a journalist, a professor, and a world recognized novelist. HEAR ME – DO NOT BE AFRAID – not matter what that imbecile in the white house says, this is still a country of law and order.

I was about to become a victim of American abuse, but I fought and stood my grounds for what is right – I WON because this is still a country of law.  Americans who prescribe to the American ideology, philosophy and set of beliefs mat go to hell.

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