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                                                               MAKING AMERICA “GREAT”                                                                  An Essay by Dr. Sabri g Bebawi, PhD

It is in this humble American Citizen writer’s opinion that we Americans should be very grateful to our Fascist and Nazi president-want-to-be Donald Trump. He has inherited a “NOBLE and PRODIGIOUS “ country from his Master Obama, and made it “Great” again.

Our Fascist / Nazi president-want-to-be deserves credit for having accomplished American “GREATNESS” in the first few month of his illegal and phony presidency. We must be very appreciative. I, in particular, being a world traveller, could see how the world sees us and respect us to the point that I would have to lie and say I am Canadian, not American.

To begin with, America is great at “BULLYING.” It is attempting to bully the world. And in light of Reaganomics and Trickle Down, “BULLYING” trickled down to our schools nation-wide where students are now “BULLYING” one another on regular basis.

America is now “GRREAT” at abusing its citizens without any remorse. I have been a victim of that. When the Imbecile Trump signed his first presidential order, he told corporation “…To go make money and cancel any regulations you have.” They did. Immediately my medical insurance jumped from $1200.00/month to $2400.00 per month. Additionally, my life insurance was arbitrarily cancelled and I was not reimbursed for all the money I had paid over 15 years. That is “GREAT” America.

America is now “Great” in lying, stealing and cheating. I have also been a victim of that. An apartment complex I had lived at was determined to steal and cheat me out of $9000.00. I sued the corporation and won. Sorry Donald; here America could not be that “GREAT” with me, thanks to my law education and my PhD.

America is now “GREAT” in disrespecting all the laws of the land and the Constitution. The president-want-to-be, the Imbecile Fascist Donald Trump constantly tries to subvert the laws and undermine the Constitution.

America is now “GREAT” in making the whole world know that we the United States of America are not trust-worthy. We can sign a treaty, then  turn around and say “Oops!! We were just joking.” America, under its imbecile is backing off every treaty the US had signed – way to go America.

America is now “GREAT” in making the United States the laughing stock of the world. I read the Guardian (A British Paper), and Le Monde (A French Paper) both see us as ignorant, uneducated and a bunch of criminals. Thank you so much Mr. Imbecile Trump.

America is now “GREAT” in abusing its citizens and making them slaves – Fascism at its worst. Now, one can see car stickers that read, “I owe, I owe, off to work I go.” A technique to keep people busy with their own lives so they leave politician do what they want to us, citizens.

This writer is so appreciative to the Nazi/Fascist president-want-to-be, the Imbecile Donald Trump for making America “Great” – There is so much more greatness: We are the greatest in having the highest crime rate. We are the greatest in having the worst education in the world. We are the greatest in being number one in Human Right Abuses. We are the greatest in having the highest number of children that go to bed hungry every night. We are the greatest in having the highest number of homeless in the world. We are the greatest that our prisons are over populated that we have to free felons or hire private companies to run prisons. We are the greatest in having no knowledge, education or brains at all. And we are the greatest in just being the stupid people we are and have always been.



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