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In light of all the stupid and crazy things that Arabs and some world idiots claim, I wrote this essay:


I was stunt, not really stunt. I was very angry, not really that angry. I was very sad, not really that sad, when I read some Arab-Israeli accusing Israel and the Jews of supplying the automatic weapons to the Las Vegas murderers. My first thought was “Well!! That is the Arab character is; they are inappreciative; they are untrustworthy (like the Americans) and having known them since infancy, they are pathetically regressive.

Then my mind took me on a memory lane journey of all the outrageous things for which the Arabs blame the Jews. Then I thought of their holy book and how it teaches them to hate, kill, maim and cause mayhem to the Jews. The first incident that came to mind was the Egyptian Air Line that dived into the Ocean with the pilot screaming “All Akbar.” Arabs all over the media claimed that that was the work of the Jews and that Moslems do not commit suicide. I laughed with sadness, of course and though, certainly it was a Jew who forced the pilot to dive into the ocean and forced him to scream “Allah Akbar” and because the person was a Jew, a magician, he escaped the crash just like James Bond would.

So, it appears that the Jews are kings, magicians, prophets; each Jew is a Superman, Spiderman, and
Wonder Women; each Jew is James Bond, or a reincarnated Moses. So, I, Dr. Sabri Bebawi, want to be a Jew. And I am indebted to all the Muslims people around me. They educate and enlighten him that it is the Jews who are behind all and everything in the world. They were behind WWII; they faked all that which we know happened. I learned from his Muslim acquaintances that WWII did not even happen. It was the Jews who mysteriously fabricated all these footage that we would watch. They uphold that it all happened in film labs. And of course, Hollywood is owned by Jews, so they own and managed all the studios.

It was the Jews who destroyed Lebanon in the late 1970s. It was the Jews who helped Turkey invade Cypress in 1974. It was the Jews who faked the Egyptian attacks on them in 1967 and 1973; they wanted Gaza and the West Bank from their rightful owners, the Palestinians, who at the time were merely disguised as Egyptians in Gaza and Jordanians in the West Bank.

Well, it was the Jews who forced them to camouflage themselves as such in the first place. It was the Jews behind the ten-year Iran-Iraq bloody war. It was the Jews, as I wrote above, who brought down the Egyptian plane into the water a few years ago and I lost a dear friend on that plane; it was they who trained the pilot to yell “Allah Akbar,” and to recite verses from the Koran so people would think he was an Egyptian Muslim fanatic. The Jews are simply remarkable.

The Jews are miraculous, mighty, and magnificent. I want to be a Jew. It was the Jews who brain washed Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. It was the Jews who made America liberate Kuwait. It was the Jews who brought down the Twin Towers in NY. And it was actually a Jew who conjured to be Osama Bin Laden and arranged for the fake TV appearance. The Jews, again, own the media, you see. And now, it is the Jews who are bringing down the Catholic Church; there isn’t such a thing as child abuse in the church; how could men of the mighty god do such things. It is all the fabrication of the Jews to destroy the church.

They impoverish the helpless Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank; they also impoverish and deprive from basic life necessities the people of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and others. Their power to deprive and oppress people goes all the way to Pakistan, Afghanistan and even to India. In fact what people refer to as Islamic Terrorism, is indeed the Jews who are carrying out these atrocities; they dress as Muslims to confuse the world.
The Jews are behind all that happens. They are mightier than god, not only because they are everywhere at every moment but, unlike god, they are neither dead nor asleep; they are doing something, a lot of things, indeed.

I, certainly, want to be a Jew. Who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you?

Long Live The Jews- Long Live the State of Israel.

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