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It is not uncommon to realize that the majority of Americans, educated or not, have no clue about the Constitution of the United States.  Americans who have read it are so few that one can count on one’s fingers.  The citizens of the world know more about the American Constitution than Americans do.  This used to upset me until I accepted the fact that most Americans are pathetically idiots.

However, if one wants to be involved in politics, like the want-to-be-president, the idiot Nazi/Fascist Donald Trump, he/she should read the Constitution of the United States.  On behalf of our Resistance group, I have sent a message to the imbecile offering him a copy of the Constitution.  I doubt if he can read it since his intellect is that of a 5th grader and his vocabulary is less than 2000  words; he still might know one thing or two about America as a country of law and order.

Let us hope that the Fascist/Nazi president want-to be, the mentally challenged Donald Trump, will hire someone to explain to him in lay man’s terms what the Constitution is about.


It might also be helpful to read the Amendments to the Constitution.  I am sure the idiot does not know they exist.






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