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The Nazi/Fascist idiot’s attack on athletes for peacefully protesting is a direct assault on our first amendment right to free speech. We must hold Trump accountable for trampling on our Constitution.

Americans: Wake up before it is too late. Our Constitution is our Bible not the bloody Christian bible that is full of Satanic Verses just like the quran. Americans, stand up and be brave. “A coward man dies a thousand times a day, a brave man but once.”


We have a bloody maniac who is thinking he is the legitimate president – He is not and he must be ousted very soon and sent to a maximum security Federal Prison.


Dodo, what can I tell you? You really need psychological help pronto.  As a Social Scientist myself who know a little about the brain, the fact that you say a word, then you qualify it with an adjective, then qualify both words with another adjective ( It is going to be great – It is going to be really great – It is going to be really, really great…) is a clear sign that you have no Frontal Lobe. For your sake, for your family’s sake and for America, check yourself into a psychiatric institute immediately.  You are a vey sick man Dodo.


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