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Good morning world:

I, Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi, request that the whole world isolate and boycott the United States until the following is accomplished:

1) Removing the Fascist/Nazi illegitimate president-want-to-be Donald Trump from office immediately,

2) Prosecute Donald Trump in courts of law for all the felonies he has committed,

3) Restore “REAL” Democracy in the United States by eliminating the electoral voting system,

4) Appoint an international committee to observe that US elections have integrity and are valid and fair,

5) Put Congress, both the House and the Senate, on notice that they are working for the people and not vice-versa,

6) Recognize the Independent Party and give its candidate equal access to the media,

7) List the United States among the most human rights abusers in the world,

8) Take the United States out of the United Nation’s Security Council,

9) Remove the United Nations from the United States and place it in a decent country in Europe, like France,

10) Make all the above requests public and provide a copy to the International Court at the Hague.


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