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The idiot announced that next week he will issue an executive order on Health Care.  He does that often knowing that he has no authority to do any of these orders.  He is pleasing his idiot brainless supporters the Christians, the KKK, and the NRA whose members have either never finished high school or barely have a high school diploma; all the world knows that American high School Diplomas are equivalent to 5th or maximum 6th grade level anywhere else in the world including the third world countries.  Trump himself has the intelligence and the vocabulary level of a fifth grade level.

His followers get excited and cheer that their so called president-want-to-be is doing what they look for without realizing that whatever it is he is doing is illegal and will be stopped by the courts the next day he signs the order.  He and his advisors know that – it is just a game he is playing with the mind of the mindless supporters.


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