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An Essay by Dr. Sabri Bebawi


Dear Reader:

The argument that foreigners are taking American jobs is without any doubt true and the argument is valid. Evidence shows that a lot of well-paid jobs are taken away from Americans who are fourth, fifth and more generation and deserve better.

Let us look at college and university professors who have PhDs. Well, I personally know many, many people who qualify for such positions; they are not only Junior High School dropouts, but they are also PHDs – (Pizza Home Delivery) – they have done that for years. There is no reason why they would not be hired as professors.

Another example, most doctors and nurses anywhere you go in America are foreigners. There is no reason for that. Americans deserve these high paying jobs. There are many High School Graduates who are also MDs -(Mentally Disabled) – why would they not be hired by hospitals; it is pure discrimination against Americans. There are many women who easily qualify as nurses; they have nursed many children; some may have nursed eight or nine children. Yes, they dropped out of school at 6th grade, but their nursing experience surpasses all nurses at hospitals. And as for hospitals, how about “Anesthesiologists?” Many young Americans are expert in the use of drugs and can make anyone asleep – even forever. Why is it that they are not hired in hospitals? It is pure discrimination against Americans.

Another example is NASA. Why is it that 100% of NASA Scientists are foreigners? Some do not even have residence here. We have many smart Americans who finished Middle Schools and are experts in the Science of Space. They go to a liquor store or a hardware store, buy a can of paintings; sniff it and they are in space. Why doesn’t NASA hire those experts? Again pure discrimination against Americans and it is a clear case of foreigners taking American jobs.

Also this kind of discrimination is evident in the Justice Department. Take Judges for example. Many young Americans are brilliant judges. They judge blacks and convict them; they judge Latinos and convict them; and they judge anyone who is not an Aryan White and lynch them. They are surely qualified to sit on benches and be judges. Additionally, most Americans are believers in the good lord who is a better judge than anyone; let god judge people. There are many evangelical bastards – OH sorry- I meant Bastards, who speak to god and can be on the bench and ask god on the phone what the verdict could be and they would follow. It is obvious discrimination against American Junior High School graduates who can easily be judges.

How about those lawyers! They say one has to have a JD and pass the BAR – Well I personally know many proud people that they have High School Diplomas and they wrote to me that they are JDs (Jenerally Disfunctional) – Why cannot be in courts as lawyers? They have also passed more than one BAR – many BARS indeed even Bartenders know them personally.

And how about researchers? Many American High School dropouts have told me personally that they are great researchers. They have always, since they were 12 years old, researched where to buy the cheapest cocaine and other hallucinative drugs and they had always been successful in their search and research. Why cannot those American be hired as researchers in Research Institutes? It is pure discrimination against Americans and it is clear that foreigners take American jobs just as our great president Donald Trump says. He himself is a result of a research to see if Orangutans can be presidents – So, all those school dropouts can be presidents, too.

Dear reader, obviously foreigners are taking American jobs and all we Americans can do is ask “Do you want AMERiCAN (not French) fries with that?”


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