Good morning America: Allow me to tell you a little factual story. The back ground is that many people tell me that my writings on these pages of Facebook is like a dog barking and no one is listening – so very true.

Here is the story: I had a dog in Egypt named ‘Santos’ for a few years before I escaped Egypt forever because I refused to kill Jews. My family told me an amazing story about ‘Santos.’

One afternoon, about 5PM, Santos went absolutely crazy and started barking going to my mother, then my sister, then my brother and barking and running to the front door. No one understood about what he was barking. They all thought he just wanted to go out. They opened the front door wide open. Santos continued barking and running to the open door but not leaving. My family was very confused. This took about five minutes. Santos then gave up and started running out of the house. Exactly 4 seconds later, there was an explosion. Our neighbor’s gas tank exploded and all the members of their family died. Our house was shaken badly and windows glass shattered. My family was safe and ran out thinking about the whereabout of Santos and understanding that Santos was warning them as he knew there would be a dangerous explosion; when my family did not understand him, he ran away to save his life.

The next morning Santos came over expressing great joy kissing everybody in my family and crying and wiggling his tail. Santos was so pleased none of my family members had been hurt.

On Facebook, I am ‘SANTOS’ – I am barking and warning you that our president and our government is a gas tank about to explode and cause great mayhem. I hope readers would adhere.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi. This is a true story.


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