Dear Readers

This writer is saddened that many underprivileged Americans look up to rich ones who have large homes on the beach, many resorts, boats, and everything their hearts desire.  I wish those disadvantaged citizens would not, and would look down upon those corrupt souls.  They are the liars, cheaters, deceivers, abusers, and immoral citizens of America; they are the ones who make life miserable for others and they should not be looked up to but should be looked at as disgraceful poor souls.

I remember when I came to this malevolent country named the United States and heard the most evil man ever existed, beside Donald Trump, President Reagan saying: “If you are poor in America, there must be something wrong with you.” I, then, was a young lawyer and a journalist and that did not sit well with me.  I wrote many articles countering the Evil Reagan’s comment by telling people: “Yes, President Reagan is correct.  If you are poor in America, there must be something wrong with you.  What is wrong with you is that you are an American.”

Here, I shall get to the main focus of this essay which is “profiling of  an American.” I shall profile a Real Estate Tycoon named Bob Faith. He owns many, many apartment complexes throughout California and the United States.  Now let me explain to you how this evil man became a tycoon.

Bob Faith uses and abuses his tenants to pay for his reconstruction and remodeling of his estates so that he could rent them for more.  He trained most of his white employees to be Venus Flowers.  A Venus Flower is one that attracts its prey using all possible techniques.  Once the prey fall for the charm, the flower closes and sucks the blood and life out of its victims.

I had been one.

Unlucky for Bob Faith and his devilish staff, I am a trained lawyer, a journalist, a professor and a writer and do not take abuse from anyone especially a fucking evil American.  I sued the bastard and I won.

My dilemma is that he preys on the disadvantaged, the foreigners and the poor.  However, I shall always be here for those people.  I shall help you fight Bob Faith without charge.  It is a war between good and evil, right and wrong, legal and illegal, moral and immoral and bad faith and good faith.

Please avoid renting any of Bob Faith of the Greystar unscrupulous, corrupt and evil corporation that acts purely on bad faith.  And please do not look at rich people in anyway other than disgust and dismay.  They are all thieves and liars except for film makers and sports people who work hard for their richness and deserve it.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi and shall forever fight corruption.


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