Peaceful Resistance of Criminal Gangster Donald Trump

This is dedicated to peacefully resist the illegal activities in which Donald Trump and his Gangsters are involved. We the People of the United States Resist.


Mr. Lawyer, you have disrespected your profession as an officer of the court and the law.  You have betrayed you sworn testimony to become a member of the Bar.  You are ignorant.  Though you said in your ranting that “this is America.” Yes, it is; and America does not speak English or any language.  You are a stupid man my friend.  It is I who pay for your life and your families.

As an attorney, help the undocumented workers to get their stolen money and they will spit on you, and your country and leave this “shithole” “watsteland” America.

(New York, NY) – An attorney being blasted for a racial rant caught on video in Manhattan is no longer allowed in his office. A note on the midtown building where Aaron Schlossberg works says the attorney has been evicted.

A video has gone viral of Schlossberg yelling at employees at a café for speaking Spanish and threatening to call immigration officials. The lawyer was confronted by reporters yesterday afternoon but refused to answer questions.

When an NBC News cameraman walked up to Schlossberg he ran away in a full sprint, another video which has gone viral. The internet has shown no mercy. A “GoFundMe” page is raising money to send Schlossberg a mariachi band and an online petition to disbar the attorney has thousands of signatures.

It appears that Aaron is no stranger to racial tension. Once the video went viral, others remembered seeing Aaron raging in other situations.

This Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi is now content




What would you say to that Gangster president-want-to-be Donald Trump, NRA puppet?

It is this writer’s opinion that the parents should be arrested and tried for multiple first degree murder.

School shootings so common Santa Fe student felt ‘eventually it would happen here, too’

(CNN)Paige Curry was visibly shaken during her interview Friday.

She had just been escorted out of Santa Fe High School, where a gunman had killed 10 people. She and others had hidden behind a stage in school’s theater room as the shooting went on. She told reporters she was scared, struggled to keep calm and remembered another student having a panic attack.
Despite the fear, the gunshots she heard and the trauma she’ll deal with the rest of her life, the incident came as no surprise to Paige.
“It’s been happening everywhere, I’ve always kind of felt that eventually it would happen here, too,” Paige told CNN affiliate KPRC-TV.
This is the 22nd US school shooting since the beginning of the year, and the third instance in eight days in which a gunman was on a school campus.
It’s also the third time within a six-month period the state of Texas has made national headlines. In November, a gunman killed 26 people in Sutherland Springs. Then in March, a “serial bomber” detonated five bomb attacks over the course of 19 days, that left two people dead.
Two people have been detained in connection with the Santa Fe High School shooting, authorities say. The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office identified the shooter as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, who is in jail. The sheriff’s office said he is accused of capital murder.
The alleged shooter used a shotgun and a .38 revolver that were owned legally by his father, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters. Two school resource officers were on the campus and confronted the shooter “early on in the process,” Abbott said.
Investigators believe that the second person in custody, an 18-year-old, may be an accomplice but not a shooter, a law enforcement official said.
Sad Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


What have you done to America Criminal Gangster Trump?

This expatriate writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi is saddened at how Blacks and minorities are treated in the Wasteland of the United States of America under the auspice of a corrupt government that is worse than that of Hitler’s and Mussolini’s.


(New Haven, CT) – Yale University is gaining attention after a white student called campus police on a black student for falling asleep in a commons room. Lolade Siyonbola posted a video online of her interaction with officers, who said they received a report of an unauthorized person on campus.

She said she dozed off in the common room of her dorm while writing a paper, and the white student came in, turned on the lights and told her she should not be there.

Siyonbola opened her dorm room to show officers she lived on campus, but was still asked to show her student ID to prove she was a student. A spokesperson for Yale said the school believes the police followed the right procedures.

The dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences also sent an email to students discussing the importance of inclusivity.

 Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

Thank you president want-to-be Donald Trump for making America Great: A Great Satan, a Great “Shithole.”

This expatriate writer is absolutely dismayed at what Trump made America to be: The greatest criminal, the greatest racist, and the greatest idiotic place in the world – Just as Ezra Pound depicted it “A Wasteland.”


(Warsaw, NC) – An incident involving a white police officer who choked an African-American man outside a North Caroline Waffle House is under investigation. Twenty-two-year-old Anthony Wall allegedly got into an argument on Saturday with some of the staff at the Warsaw restaurant when police were called.

A cell phone video posted to Wall’s Facebook page shows an unidentified officer pushing him up against the outside of the building and putting his hands around his neck, then wrestling him to the ground and handcuffing him.

Wall’s been charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, Bernice King, called for a boycott of all Waffle House locations on Twitter in response to the incident.

Expatriate Distressed American Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


Amendment II Interpretation: A disgrace to the United States of America, a Criminal State

Another High School Mass Shooting In Sante Fe SW Texas with At Least 10 Fatalities.

 President want-to-be Donald Trump has recently made fun of his masters the French and considered a terrorist attack by Islamic Murderers to America’s love for murder for the fun of it.  Here is yet another one and no action has been taken.  The insanity of the American gun lovers and the NRA puppets is beyond tolerance now.  When will the Honorable Supreme Court get some common sense and interpret the Amendment correctly? I offered to teach them English for free. This writer is beyond sick.

On the 18th of May, another mass shooting tragedy has taken place at a US High School in Southwest Texas, about 20 miles from Galveston. At this point, there is little solid information. It is Sante Fe High School.

There was a quick press conference by police where there was confirmation of at least 10 fatalities (9 students and 1 teacher) while many were transported from the scene to local hospitals for trauma care.

(KPRC)Student witnesses said there was a fire drill after 8 am local time, then there were sounds like someone kicking a trash can. Some heard what they thought were gun shots but others claimed the sounds were from explosives. Then the students heard teachers, yelling at them to evacuate and that the danger was for real.

There has been one student and one person of interest taken into custody by police.

There are reports about 3 guns having been found along with some pipe bombs.One was a hand gun, one was a shot gun and one was an assault rifle.

As per a News 5 report:

At least eight people — and as many as 10 — have died as a result of a shooting Friday morning at a high school in the southeastern Texas city of Santa Fe, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

See: RELATED: MAP: 41 US school shootings so far in 2018

“This is the third school shooting in the past seven days, and the 22nd since the beginning of the year in the United States.”

“A male suspect, believed to be a student, has been arrested in the shooting at Santa Fe High School, about 20 miles outside Galveston, Gonzalez said.”

“Most of the dead are students, the sheriff said.”

The Santa Fe Police, Galveston County Sheriff’s Office, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives all responded to the scene.

“Witnesses described students running from the school as they heard gunshots; they also described hearing an alarm at the school, though the sequence of events wasn’t immediately clear.”

“An armed person walked into an art class at the school and began firing what looked like a shotgun, a witness told CNN affiliate KTRK.

“The witness told KTRK she saw a girl shot in the leg.”

“At least 12 people from the school are being treated at three hospitals, authorities said. Seven people are at Clear Lake Regional Medical in Webster, Texas; two patients are being treated at Mainland Medical Center in Texas City and three patients are at John Sealy University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.”

At least one police officer was injured, Gonzalez said.

“Aerial video from the scene showed several police officers outside the school. Some were searching students and their backpacks.”

santa fe shooting3_1526657409521.jpg_42942582_ver1.0_640_360

Witnesses describe hearing an alarm and gunfire

“Angelica Martinez, a 14-year-old student, told CNN she and her schoolmates were being evacuated at one point “like it’s a “fire drill.”

“We were all standing (outside), but not even five minutes later, we started hearing gunshots,” she said. “And then everybody starts running, but like the teachers are telling us to stay put, but we’re all just running away.”

“I didn’t see anybody shooting, but like (the gunshots) were kind of spaced,” Angelica said, adding she heard about 4 shots.”

“The witness who spoke to KTRK also said she heard an alarm. She didn’t specify if that was before or after the gunfire she described in the art class.”

“She said she couldn’t describe the shooter.

“I didn’t look. I just ran,” she said.

“Another student, Dakota Shrader, told CNN affiliate KPRC that she heard gunshots only after hearing an alarm in the school.”

“I was in the history hallway, and as soon as we heard the alarms, everybody just started leaving following the same procedure as … (a) practice fire drill,” Shrader said, breaking into tears. “And next thing you know, we just hear … 3 gunshots, loud explosions, and all the teachers are telling us to run.”

“The entire school district is on lockdown, district officials said.”

“The high school has about 1,400 students, according to”



Expatriate Furious American Citizen Writer Sabri g. Bebawi


Mr. president-want-to-be Donald Trump, This writer thanks you for showing how ugly, immoral, racist and criminal the United States of America is.

From Expatriate Citizen Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that the United States of America has never changed.  Its racism and ignorance have always been alive and well, but most Americans were too coward to show their real inner feelings and thoughts of hatred and criminality.  Thanks to Donald Trump, he has been successful to unveil the American truth and now most Americans are free to be who they really are: Criminals and Peasants.

Donald, you have gone far too far and I am certain no one is stopping you because of your Criminal Gangster style of lying, cheating, stealing, threatening, and intimidating.  I am certain one day a brave American will put you in your place.  You have called my continent “Africa” a “Shithole.” You did not explain that it is your White Race was what stole Africa’s wealth and made it the poor that it is and it is your White Race that allow African Leaders to abuse its people for your own interest. African, Mr. president-want-to-be is a land of generosity, decency, honor and pride – terms your white pathetic race is not familiar with and will not for thousands of years to come.

Yesterday, you called undocumented workers “Worse than Animals.” Trump, to begin with, any living being is an animal including you and me, you ignorant bastard.  The question here is that you mean that they are less in value than you and your gangsters and the KKK and the NRA.  They are not, Trump. Give those undocumented workers what America has stolen from them, and they will spit on this nation and leave.  Once they leave, you and your country will be nothing at all – worse than a “Wasteland.” Trump Donaldo, have you watched the brilliant film “A Day without a Mexican?”  Watch it; it will do you good.

Now we have the mentally challenged lawyer Aaron M Schossberg who is a white supremacist and should be ashamed of himself for he seems to be a Jew. Has he forgotten what Hitler did to his ancestors? I shall make sure that he shall be disbarred – that is my mission now.  I am also a lawyer.

Most Americans are so bloody stupid that they do not want people to speak a foreign language not realizing that they themselves do not even speak English.  Where in the world would that happen.  In Paris, where I am, I shall advise everyone I know to tell Americans to speak French or to get the hell out of France.

Enough of this stupidity – enough- enough- enough – America makes me and millions of Americans sick, too.

A Jew who is a white Supremacist – this is pretty amazing. Aaron, I shall get you disbarred my friend.  You may say good bye to your career.


I am the sad expatriate writer Dr. Sabri Bebawi.




In Response to president-want-to-be Donald Trump calling Africa “Shithole.”

This United States Citizen, expatriate Dr. Sabri. G. Bebawi takes special offense having been born in Egypt, North Africa, nevertheless, African. This expatriate is proud to be African and to have been born in the civilized world of Egypt, the land of the generous and the proud versus this wasteland of of the Criminals and the Peasants.

Donald Trump has insulted everyone and every institution.  He has insulted the courts and showed extraordinary disespect for the law in a land that used to be a land of law and order, but now it is the land of the lawless and the retards.

Trump, I wish your mother had tamed you to be human.  She had failed miserably as a mother.  We have a saying in the “shithole” Africa: “Mothers are schools; if you train them well, you will have created a well-behaved society.” Obviously, this does not apply to your “shithole” country, the United States of America.

You think you are elitist, yet, you are nothing but a common criminal gangster who has gone through life by lying, cheating and stealing in addition to using criminal threats and being a bully. Allow me. please, to say that the “shithole” countries, that made America, do not include Africa; they are the white trash who were either exiled or thrown out as Persona non Grata from their countries – that what America is built on, Signor Trumpo Donaldo.

I shall not refer to you as my fellow citizen because I do not believe for a second you are an American or you care about America or its citizens, I shall call you  “YOU” – I sugeest that you take that flag pin you have on your jacket for you have disgraced that flag and you made it a symbol of idiocy and stupidity. Although you stole HITLER’s slogan “We Shall Make Germany Great Again” and used it for America, you have made America worse than it had ever been at any time in history.  Change that disgraceful flag with a pin that reads “We Are Sorry.” We are sorry for being criminals; we are sorry for the way we treat the natives, and we are sorry for treating Blacks and all non-whites. This might redeem some of your evil-doing.

Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

To Mentally Retarded Moslem Murders

This is Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri G. Bebawi

Moslem Murderers who call themselves Jihadists or whatever are nothing but little savage hyenas, brainless and not yet evolved beings.  Their belief in one of the worst books ever written next to the bible, the quran, and what it says is a sign of not only mental disorder, no, there is no brain in the first place to have disorder.

Arab Islamists, when will you realize that you are the worse beings on the planet, no one listens to you; no one respects you, no one cares for you, and everyone hates you? You think that by brutally murdering one or two or a hundred, the Western Civilization of hundreds of years would disappear – dream on you idiots.

I was born in Egypt and I know you well.  You are lucky that the West is stupid enough to be tolerant and accepting; however, believe you me, it is not for long. Now that we have a United States Embassy in Jerusalem and there is nothing you can do about it is a good slap on your ugly faces. I hope Israel will destroy you all for you are not humans – simply cockroaches.

This writer shall watch you, listen to you, trap you in all Europe and shall get you bastards.  You have no where to hide.  I speak your god’s stupid language, Arabic, and I speak French and Italian and Spanish. I am your nightmare and will report any of your suspicious behavior.  I am dedicated to your destruction in my last days.

ISIS releases footage of Paris attacker pledging allegiance

He then addresses those “who fight ISIS, Muslims and Allah,” telling them they’re to blame for terrorist acts.

“You started it by bombing Islamic lands. France, you started it by killing Muslims,” he says. “And when we give you a response, you cry. If you want this to stop, put pressure on your government, I’m not the first one to tell you. Others like me told you before acting, but you refused to listen.”

What in the hell is “Allah Akbar?” I speak Arabic and I ask you “Akbar” than bloody what? You are invalids repeating words that you do not even know what they mean.  The ISIS flag read exactly :”God is the prophet of Mohammad.” You are brainless my cockroaches Moslem Murderers.

I am Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

Warmist Billionaire Tom Steyer Compares Trump to Hitler

Greetings from the civilized world to the United States of America,

This is expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi.  This post is of great significance for it shows how ignorant and uneducated the masses in the United States are and it shows first hand how the United States today is.

This reported speech of Billionaire Steyer was reported by the outrageous blog Exposing the Global Warming Hoax whose title depicts nothing less than ignorance and more than pure stupidity.  The commentator on the speech has no intellectual knowledge of neither Nazism or Fascism – And how could he or she? He or she are Americans and brain washed for years to believe that the extreme capitalistic United States of America’s system is the one and only successful system in the world.  He or she does not realize that all America’s allies in Europe (all states of the European Continent) are Socialists and they fair 300% in median standard of living – not average of course because we have 1% of Americans own all the wealth of America.

Now about the president-want-to-be- Donald Trump, is he a Nazi and a Fascist, absolutely without a doubt.  These two ideologies are the only ideologies this mad man knows. For the writers of the Blog that claims Global Warming a Hoax though proof is before our eyes, yet those writers or writer are perhaps phony Christians who believe in an unseen, untouched and non existent being as god, but disbelieve what they see everyday in their life in terms of climate change throughout the world.  I believe one cannot reason with such idiocy – it is very much like trying to reason with Moslem Criminals who believe that a mythical god orders them to kill and cause mayhem.

As for Hitler, the wide consensus of historians consider him to have been irreligious, anti-Christian, anti-clerical and scientists. In light of evidence such as his fierce criticism and vocal rejection of the tenets of Christianity, numerous private statements to confidants denouncing Christianity as a harmful superstition, and his strenuous efforts to reduce the influence and independence of Christianity in Germany after he came to power, Hitler’s major academic biographers conclude that he was irreligious (who believes that Criminal Gangster Trump is religious?) and an opponent of Christianity. Historian Laurence Rees found no evidence that “Hitler, in his personal life, ever expressed belief in the basic tenets of the Christian church”. Hitler’s remarks to confidants, as described in the Goebbels Diaries, the memoirs of Albert Speer, and transcripts of Hitler’s private conversations recorded by Martin Bormann in Hitler’s Table Talk, are further evidence of his irreligious and anti-Christian beliefs; these sources record a number of private remarks in which Hitler ridicules Christian doctrine as absurd, contrary to scientific advancement, and socially destructive.and then, Criminal Hitler becomes socially destructive himself, just as criminal gangster Trump is today.

Hitler, attempting to appeal to the German masses during his political campaign and leadership, sometimes made declarations in support of religion and against atheism. He stated in a speech that atheism (a concept he linked with Communism and “Jewish materialism”) had been ”  Anything goes with insane men as those personas.

So, perhaps our friend or friends the writers reexamine what trash is written on their blog.  I will come to gun issue in a minute.

As for Fascism and Mussolini, Fascism arose in Europe after World War I when many people yearned for national unity and strong leadership. In Italy, Benito Mussolini used his charisma to establish a powerful fascist state.  Strangely enough, Criminal Gangster Trump has no charisma not so ever; he just has stupid population.


Benito Mussolini coined the term “fascism” in 1919 to describe his political movement. He adopted the ancient Roman fasces as his symbol. This was a bundle of rods tied around an ax, which represented the power of Rome.

Mussolini established the first fascist regime, followed soon after by others, including Nazi Germany. Fascism, however, differed somewhat from one nation to another. Thus, scholars often disagree on a precise definition of fascism. Even so, they tend to agree on its common characteristics such as:

  • Absolute Power of the State: Fascist regimes have a strong centralized state, or national government. The fascist state seeks total control over all major parts of society. Individuals must give up their private needs and rights to serve the needs of the whole society as represented by the state. (TRUMP)
  • Rule by a Dictator: A single dictator runs the fascist state and makes all the important decisions. This leader often uses charisma, a magnetic personality, to gain the support of the people.(TRUMP)
  • Corporatism: Fascists believe in taming capitalism by controlling labor and factory owners. Unions, strikes, and other labor actions are illegal. Although private property remains, the state controls the economy. (TRUMP’s GAME)
  • Extreme Nationalism: The fascist state uses national glory and the fear of outside threats to build a new society based on the “common will” of the people. Fascists believe in action and looking at national myths for guidance rather than relying on the “barren intellectualism” of science and reason. (TRUMP)
  • Superiority of the Nation’s People: Fascists hold up the nation’s people as superior to other nationalities. They typically strengthen and unify the dominant group in a nation while stifling dissent and persecuting minority groups. (TRUMP)
  • Militarism and Imperialism: Fascists believe that great nations show their greatness by conquering and ruling weak nations. Fascists believe the state can survive only if it successfully proves its military superiority in war. (TRUMP)

Now as for guns and the Second amendment, the writer of the blog is unaware that people of the United States are not the same as people of Europe.  Unlike what the American Anthem states “…The land of the free and the home of the brave.” Friends, most people of the United States of America are the least free (Practically Enslaved) and are most cowardThey think because they own guns, they are brave and can stand against the government – Yes, sure. I shall not argue this point because it is like arguing about religion and faith – USELESS. Keep Dreaming America.

Very Sad Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi





Hatch apologizes to McCain for slamming his no-Trump funeral plans

The Utah Republican had called it “ridiculous” that McCain, who is battling brain cancer, didn’t want to the president at his funeral.

This expatriate writer, Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi, takes his hat off for Mr. McCain for making it clear he did not want a criminal gangster pretending to be a president to attend his very sad departure to before birth. Mr. Hatch, an apology is not enough; a resignation would be more honorable – At lease what what the Mafia had -Honor and Dignity Trump Criminal Organization of Gangsters lack that.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, who called it “ridiculous” that Sen. John McCain would not want President Donald Trump to attend his funeral, apologized to his ailing GOP colleague Tuesday for the off-the-cuff remark.

Hatch, a Utah Republican, sent a private apology letter to his Arizona colleague, Hatch’s office confirmed. News of the apology was first reported by The Washington Post.

Image: John McCain
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., delivers remarks at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland on Oct. 30, 2017.Patrick Semansky / AP file

Hatch, 84, told NBC News that he should’ve kept his mouth shut about his thoughts on McCain, 81, who has been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer and is back home in Arizona after he underwent surgery last month for an intestinal infection.

“I felt badly, I had spoken out of turn,” Hatch said. “I shouldn’t have said what I said.”

The senator’s daughter, Meghan McCain, said earlier Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that people criticizing her father needed to relax.

“I would like everyone to take a collective breath and chill out on my dad for a second, especially Orrin Hatch,” she said.


People close to McCain, who does not want the president to attend his funeral, have informed the White House the plans do not call for Trump to be there, a source told NBC News. The source said McCain wants Vice President Mike Pence to represent the White House. Among the expected eulogists are Barack Obama and George W. Bush, the source said.

On Monday, Hatch called McCain’s plans for his funeral “ridiculous.”

“He’s the president of the United States and he’s a very good man. But it’s up to (McCain),” Hatch told Politico.

Hatch also said that he didn’t expect McCain to return to the Senate

McCain’s funeral plans, first reported Saturday by The New York Times, comes as he and Trump have had a enormously turbulent relationship, particularly since the 2016 presidential primary when Trump said McCain was considered a war hero only “because he was captured” during the Vietnam War and that Trump preferred military figures who avoided being taken prisoner by the enemy.


Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


Our president-want-to-be, Criminal Gangster Donald Trump Does Not Distinguish between Terrorist Attacks (ideology) And Killing for the Fun of It -America

This expatriate writer is embarrassed to be an American citizen

Trump in Trouble With France (Again)

France slams Donald Trump for Bataclan remarks during NRA speech

“Obscene” is what one former French president said about Trump’s antics during a NRA speech on Friday. In an effort to make a point, Trump mimicked shooters who killed 90 people in a Parisian club in November 2015.

President Donald Trump speaks at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Dallas, Friday, May 4, 2018. (AP Photo-Susan Walsh)

France condemned US President Donald Trump on Saturday for comments he made during a National Rifle Association (NRA) event on Friday about the 2015 Parisian terrorist attacks.

The outrage has come just over a week after Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron stressed their friendship during Macron’s state visit to the US.

Read more: Donald Trump, NRA double down on arming teachers following Florida school shooting

Trump’s offending remarks:

Referring to the 2015 attack by Islamist terrorists, Trump told rifle owners:

  • “Nobody has guns in Paris and we all remember more than 130 people, plus tremendous numbers of people that were horribly, horribly wounded. … They were brutally killed by a small group of terrorists that had guns.”
  • “They took their time and gunned them down one by one,” he added, before mimicking the shooters while saying: “Boom. Come over here. Boom, come over here. Boom.”
  • Trump said someone in the Bataclan club, where 90 of the 130 people died, could have ended the killing spree if they had been able to use a gun to shoot back.

France’s Foreign Ministry said: “France expresses its firm disapproval of the comments by President Trump about the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris and asks for respect of the memory of the victims.”

François Hollande@fhollande

Les propos honteux et les simagrées obscènes de Donald Trump en disent long sur ce qu’il pense de la France et de ses valeurs. L’amitié entre nos deux peuples ne sera pas entachée par l’irrespect et l’outrance. Toutes mes pensées vont aux victimes du 13 novembre.

Former French President Francois Hollande, who was in office at the time of the attacks, wrote on Twitter that Trump’s remarks and gestures were “shameful” and “obscene.” He added that the comments ” said a lot about what he [Trump] thinks of France and its values.”

Hollande’s prime minister at the time of the attacks, Manuel Valls, wrote on Twitter: “Indecent and incompetent. What more can I say?”

Manuel Valls@manuelvalls

Indécent et incompétent.Que dire de plus? 

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said Trump’s description of the 2015 attacks was “contemptuous and unworthy.”

Read more: NRA ad sparks uproar with call to ‘fight’ Trump opponents

French trauma: Gunmen loyal to the “Islamic State” stormed multiple locations in Paris, including outside the national stadium, cafes, bars, and the Bataclan club, in November 2015. Armed with assault rifles and suicide vests, they killed 130 people and wounded 350.

UK surgeon also unhappy: Trump also commented on the lack of guns in the United Kingdom, comparing a London hospital to a “military war zone hospital” because of the purportedly large number of people needing treatment for knife attacks. The director of London’s major trauma system said “to suggest guns are part of the solution [to combat knife crime] is ridiculous.”


Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


Expatriate Writer Celebrates Cinco de Mayo without Budweiser

This expatriate writer, Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi, has great respect for Mexicans and their heritage. He, unlike most of his fellow citizens, knows well that America celebrates Cinco de Mayo not because they love Mexicans or their culture; only few know why.


From an intellectual and political perspective, I think it is my duty to clarify the truth behind the myth. Please see my previous post of Debunking the Abraham Lincoln Myth at

I would also like my readers to refer to my latest post Why America Celebrates Cinco de Mayo at

So this year and the following years remember, fellow citizens, that it is because of Mexico, which the president-want-to-be, mentally challenged criminal gangster Donald Trump hates so much and got many of my fellow citizens whose brains are smaller than that of a bird follow him in his hate and support his stupid, stupid, stupid rhetoric.

Viva Mexico

Thank you Mexico

Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi