The Audacity of Evil NRA: NRA YouTube video mocks Parkland teens: “No one would know your names” if shooter had been stopped

What Evil Group of People the NRA and Its Members Are.


Americans – You are perhaps the most stupid, stupid, stupid people on planet earth. The Second Amendment to the Constitution is well respected, but it is badly misinterpreted – thanks to the amount of money that is circulating around from the gun industry that is so lucrative that even the Vatican Bank invests 50% of its assets in gum manufacturing.

This NRA insulting propaganda is disgusting and unacceptable.  It is time for the Supreme Court to step in and make these idiot Americans understand what the Second Amendment says.  “A Well Regulated…..Being necessary for the protection of a free state…”  (None of this is valid in arguing that you and I ordinary people should be armed.) And if you need any lessons in English as a Second language, come to me.  I am an English professor and have been for more than 35 years.

Stop fooling the people.  If the Supreme Court interpretation of the Second Amendment is correct, then this is the time for people to carry arms and fight such a corrupt government lead by a criminal gangster named Donald Trump.  Let us see how far you can go you idiots.


I have never encountered a society that is so bloody ignorant at large as the United States of America. This black man, who is obviously an incompetent idiot for what he uttered, and paid a lot of money for what he said on behalf of the voice of NRA propaganda, should actually shoot himself in shame and disgrace for he is worthless, and a traitor to his own race which has been, until today in 2018, enslaved for centuries – by guns and government.  Will you, idiot, take arms against the United States Government? If there was any time before, this is the time now that we have a Dictator, a Fascist and a Nazi who wants you, imbecile, burnt.


I am expatriate Sabri g. Bebawi

I have no fear of bloody Republicans, gun and violence and money lovers Americans. You may all go to hell soon with your illegitimate president-want-to-be Criminal Gangster Donald Trump, the Imbecile.


Spurious United States of America

Nothing in the world is more fake than the United States of America



Dear Readers

First, I thank you for reading my inner thoughts; second, I do not wish that my writing be taken as bragging or that I consider myself superior or inferior- I believe in neither.  We all share the same biology regardless of ideology-no superiors, no inferiors.

Now, having cleared that out of the way, I wish to let my readers know that this writer was born in Egypt in 1956 when the United States was still in the dark ages trying to decide (in mid 6os) in the Supreme Court whether Blacks were human.  As strange and disturbing, it is not surprising.  We are in 2018 and many citizens of the United States think they are superior and that America is the greatest nation on the planet.  Well! The fact is that this is nothing but baseless propaganda.

I have lived in Egypt, Lebanon, England, France, Italy, The Netherland (Holland) and Sydney, Australia and have never seen anything that resembles the United States Systemic lies, deception and baseless propaganda. It is just simply very sad that most of the United States Citizens do not see it as they have been brainwashed to believe they are the greatest. They would call my honest writing “America Bashing.” They have that complex that telling the truth about the country, it is bashing.

In fact, it is safe to say that there is not even one country in the whole planet that depicts and promotes itself in such a way that it is completely false, fake and utterly unreal. Many people around the world and most American Citizens believe that the United States is a country of freedom (rubbish) equality (rubbish) justice (rubbish) and democracy (absolute rubbish). The United States of America is the only country in the world that absolutely does not have any of the characters it depicts itself.

It is in the United States that we have a Dinosaur era government that does not want and is not willing to go away or give up its power. They and the people of the United States believe that they have democracy and democracy here is a joke – Is our government from the people, by the people and for the people? If you answer “yes,” you need to seek mental health treatment immediately.  Whether it is the president, the cabinet, the congress or the senate, you have to be a multi billionaire, and how many among us the masses are – Zero – NADA. By simple logic, we conclude that the government is not from the people.


How many of us citizens believe the the government works for the people? Again, if you answer “yes,” you need to seek help.  All evidence for years and years show beyond any doubt that the government works for itself.  Do you remember not long ago when Congress was debating a minimum wage raise and that was declined and at the same time and with audacity and resentment they voted to give themselves a substantial increase in salary? Do they work for the people, or for themselves, for the NRA, for the KKK, and for large Corporations and Banks.

Now we come to the point of a government by the people.  How is it so when a president is a president elected by the minority of the citizens? This system of Electoral voting had been designed so that a president could actually purchase the post, as it had been the case with Criminal Gangster Donald Trump. Donald Trump is surely an illegitimate president-want-to-be.

So, now we have established that democracy in the United States of America is a mere witticism. Now we move to justice. This writer wonders if our citizens understand how our justice system works and how discriminatory it is against minorities, specifically Blacks and Hispanics.  Although we know that more whites in prisons than non-whites, still the chance of a member of a minority group to be unjustly convicted is the highest in the world – “To Kill A Mocking Bird” is alive and well. Just watch or read the news and see how many Blacks and Hispanics are unjustly and unjustifiably shot by the police who is supposed to protect the citizens of this country.  It is a disgrace.


The United States of America does not deserve the Statue of Liberty.  It has to be returned to the decent nation of France where its meaning is respected and applied.

Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

Hundreds of thousands set to march for tighter U.S. gun controls

Hundreds of thousands set to march for tighter U.S. gun controls.

Students and gun control advocates gather for the "March for Our Lives" event demanding gun control in Washington

This writer’s hat goes off to the youth of these United States of America for making their important message heard loud and clear.  I know, however, it is only in theses United States of America, any citizen’s message fall on deaf ear as the government has utmost respect for its citizens.  The United States of America is the Ex-Soviet Union; it is China; it is Cuba. We the People of the United States have had it with the government and demand that they all resign and leave office peacefully and without incidents.

By Ian Simpson

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Hundreds of thousands of Americans are expected to rally nationwide on Saturday for tighter gun laws in “March For Our Lives” protests led by survivors of the Florida school massacre, which reiginited public anger over mass shootings.

Students from the Parkland, Florida, high school where 17 students and staff were killed on Feb. 14 will be among the 500,000 people organizers say could rally on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol in Washington.

The protests orchestrated by survivors of the rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are aimed at breaking through a legislative gridlock that has long stymied efforts to tighten firearms controls. Mass shootings at American schools and colleges have become a regular occurrence.

“This issue is going to turn into the No. 1 issue in this country. I know that’s not only what I want, but I know it’s what you guys want,” Alfonso Calderon, a junior at the Florida school, told Washington students at a pre-march event on Thursday.

The Washington rally is among more than 800 events scheduled worldwide, with U.S. demonstrations set from San Clemente, California, to New York and Parkland, according to gun-control group Everytown For Gun Safety.

The teenage organizers have won kudos and cash from dozens of celebrities, with singer Ariana Grande and “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda among those performing in Washington.

“Trainwreck” star Amy Schumer is set to appear at the Los Angeles rally. Actor George Clooney and his human rights attorney wife have donated $500,000 and said they would be at the Washington rally.

Organizers want Congress, many of whose members are up for re-election this year, to ban the sale of assault weapons like the one used in the Florida rampage and to tighten background checks for gun buyers. On the other side of the debate, gun rights advocates cite constitutional guarantees of the right to bear arms.

On Friday, Republican President Donald Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill that includes modest improvements to background checks for gun sales and grants to help schools prevent gun violence.

David Hogg, a senior at Stoneman Douglas, said the protests were a way for young Americans to show their opposition to the National Rifle Association, the powerful gun lobby.

“We’re asking people (to) put the USA over the NRA,” he said at the Thursday event in Washington.

An NRA spokeswoman said it had not taken a position on the protests.

Democrats and nonpartisan groups hope to register at least 25,000 first-time voters at the rallies, potentially a boost for Democrats, who generally favor stricter gun controls.


Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

Interview on alleged affair tests Trump’s vow of silence

Interview on alleged affair tests Trump’s vow of silence

(CNN)The question now is whether President Donald Trump can hold his tongue — or his tweets — amid a gathering storm of televised allegations and court gambits about his sexual conduct.

Stunning comments in an exclusive CNN interview by former Playboy model Karen McDougal on Thursday put the unusual seeming vow of silence Trump has observed about a trio of civil cases to which he is linked to its most critical test — and raised the issue of how he will respond.
McDougal’s interview with Anderson Cooper ratcheted up already intense personal and legal pressure on Trump, and his position will only get more uncomfortable with a blockbuster CBS “60 Minutes” interview with adult film star Stormy Daniels on Sunday.
A campaign of media appearances and legal moves by the two women, and a third, former “Apprentice” contestant Summer Zervos, leaves Trump in the unaccustomed position of watching mutely as his image is tarnished on television.
The President and White House aides have denied the allegations by all three of the women.
But normally, Trump would leap on Twitter or use a public event to castigate anyone who took a shot at him. After all, he’s feuded with everyone from Hillary Clinton to Meryl Streep and Colin Kaepernick to Joe Biden, who took to the airwaves to rebuke him.
Despite vowing to sue all the women who had accused him of inappropriate sexual conduct once the 2016 election was over, Trump has done no such thing, leaving his lawyers fighting a rearguard action against a wave of accusations in court.
Trump’s natural inclination to return fire to any slight or accusation broadcast on cable news was sorely tested by the content of Thursday’s interview.
McDougal told Cooper that she and Trump had had sex “many dozens” of times, that he upset her by offering money after the first time they were intimate and that they met many times over a 10-month period more than a decade ago.
She also said she had been in love with Trump, and saw a loving side of the former reality star in private that was at odds with his tough public image.

McDougal: Trump was sweet, respectful

McDougal is suing American Media Inc., the company she said quashed her story about the alleged affair in a tabloid maneuver known as “catch and kill.”
The company previously told CNN in a statement that McDougal “has been free to respond to press inquiries about her relationship with President Trump since 2016” and that American Media had not “silenced” her.
But McDougal told Cooper that she wanted her life rights to her story back because she did not benefit from promises for a series of columns and a modeling contract in the company’s magazines. She also said she had initially been attracted to selling her story for financial reasons.
“I feel like the contract is illegal, I feel like … I was lied to (by) everybody involved in this deal,” McDougal told Cooper, denying that she had wanted to damage Trump and saying she is a Republican who voted for him in 2016.
“I want to share my truth because everyone else is talking about my truth. I need to share my story. … I’ve never talked, since the day it happened. I have refused to speak publicly, privately even. My friends know, my family know, but nobody else knows. I wanted to keep it quiet. But now that it’s out, I need to control it.”

Risks of Trump’s deepening legal woes

The thickening legal morass around the President involving the three sex-related lawsuits threatens to deepen his legal exposure and add to the incessant chaos that whirls around the White House. While it is unclear whether the various suits have merit, if they are allowed to go forward they could eventually force the President to provide depositions. Given his demonstrated tendency not to always tell the truth he would potentially risk perjuring himself under oath, thereby taking a case from the civil to the criminal realm.
And, legal experts say, the answers to questions raised in a deposition could open fresh avenues for legal inquiry and potential vulnerabilities for Trump.
The personal scandals now raging around the President come at a moment when sources say he is furious that the probe by special counsel Robert Mueller is edging closer and closer to his family, including their financial histories, and the Oval Office.
Tensions over the Russia investigation are likely to significantly escalate next month, when fired FBI Director James Comey embarks on a book tour, after warning the President that when he tells his story the American people will be able to judge “who is honorable and who is not.”
Then there is the potential personal impact on the President of the flurry of explicit, embarrassing stories dominating news coverage, as well as the risk that they could strain his marriage. CNN contacted first lady Melania Trump’s office for comment about the interview but there was no immediate response.
Former Playboy model to Melania: I'm sorry

Getting tough on Mueller

While the President has skipped past multiple scandals and dramas that would have felled a normal politician and his most loyal supporters have remained faithful to him, it’s possible the personal scandals could have an impact on some voters in a midterm election year.
Trump’s silence on the cases surrounding his alleged sexual conduct contrasts with the newly aggressive strategy he’s rolling out against Mueller, amid turmoil in his legal team and the resignation of his top lawyer handling that matter, John Dowd, on Thursday.
After months of avoiding direct attacks on Mueller, Trump targeted the special counsel in a tweetstorm last weekend and signed up an aggressive new lawyer, Joseph diGenova, to join his team.
It’s unclear how Trump’s proactive strategy on the Mueller front will play out. But it is likely in his best interests not to indulge any temptation to engage with McDougal, Daniels or another woman who has claimed that he behaved inappropriately toward her, Zervos.
That’s because his instinct to attack has already significantly exacerbated his legal exposure on the Zervos case — on which the statue of limitations had passed. Trump’s claims that his accusers were liars allowed the Zervos legal team to resuscitate her allegations in a defamation suit.
Further interventions by Trump could play into the hands of accusers and their lawyers who are are turning up the heat on the President with legal moves and media appearances.
Daniels, who is trying to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement preventing her speaking about an alleged affair with the former real estate tycoon more than a decade ago, has taken to taunting Trump on Twitter.
And her lawyer is warning that her case is one issue that the President — who has taken steps to assert control over his legal strategy on the Mueller probe and on his administration with a string of personnel moves — cannot control.
“The President may be able to fire Mueller, but he can’t fire me and he can’t fire my client,” Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Daniels, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday.


Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

The Kremlin of the United States of America under Illegitimate Leader Is Falling:

Trump replaces H.R. McMaster as national security adviser with John Bolton

Washington (CNN)National security adviser H.R. McMaster has agreed to resign and will be replaced by former US ambassador and Fox News analyst John Bolton, President Donald Trump announced in a tweet on Thursday.

“I pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/19.”
“The two have been discussing this for some time. The timeline was expedited as they both felt it was important to have the new team in place, instead of constant speculation,” a White House official said. “This was not related to any one moment or incident, rather it was the result of ongoing conversations between the two.”
“After 34 years of service to our nation, I am requesting retirement from the U.S. Army effective this summer after which I will leave public service. Throughout my career it has been my greatest privilege to serve alongside extraordinary servicemembers and dedicated civilians,” McMaster said in a statement released by the White House.
“I am thankful to President Donald J. Trump for the opportunity to serve him and our nation as national security advisor. I am grateful for the friendship and support of the members of the National Security Council who worked together to provide the President with the best options to protect and advance our national interests,” the statement said.
Bolton’s hard edged, hawkish views on issues like North Korea, Iraq and Syria make him a controversial pick to become the next national security adviser — particularly considering that talks with North Korea may soon be possible.
Early in the Trump administration Bolton — a stalwart of several Republican administrations — was considered as a possible secretary of state and since then has made visits to the West Wing every few months to discuss foreign policy and national security.
A source familiar with those meetings said the two have spent more time recently getting to know each other, discussing Bolton’s views and getting a better sense of each other.
Amid speculation about McMaster’s fate CNN has reported that the three-star general has been in discussions with the Hoover Institution. As recently as March 8, the White House was denying reports that McMaster was on his way out, with spokeswoman Sarah Sanders declaring on “Fox & Friends” that “General McMaster’s not going anywhere.”
CNN reported earlier this month that the Pentagon has also been considering options that would allow the President to potentially move McMaster out of his current role and back into the military, according to half a dozen defense and administration officials.
And the Pentagon had been quietly looking to see if there is a four-star military job suited for McMaster, these officials said.
But McMaster’s announced retirement from the military this summer would mean he wouldn’t receive his fourth star.
National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton had dismissed reports of McMaster’s departure, telling CNN on March 1 that Trump had dismissed stories of McMaster’s ouster as “‘fake news,’ and told McMaster that he is doing a great job.”
Several sources told CNN that the decision came after months of personal tension between McMaster and Trump.
Trump has privately expressed irritation with McMaster stemming from differences in “personality and style,” a senior Republican source said.
The two have never gotten along, and Trump continues to chafe at McMaster’s demeanor when he briefs him, feeling that he is gruff and condescending, according to a source who is familiar with his thinking.
Sources with knowledge of McMaster’s standing in the White House had repeatedly said that he was on thin ice.
There was discussion in the West Wing about replacing him last fall, but he ultimately survived because officials, including the President himself, were skeptical about the optics of appointing a third national security adviser in less than a year, several sources told CNN. Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned amid controversy over his contact with Russian officials within a month of taking the job.
McMaster was also retained at the time because of the White House’s challenge attracting top talent for jobs in the administration due to Trump’s “blacklist” of individuals who have criticized the President, his personality and the Russia investigation, according to a senior Republican source.




Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

Fox News AKA Fake News Is in Real News

Fox News AKA Fake News Is in Real News

In October, “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace told the Associated Press he was bothered by how some of his colleagues on the opinion side of the network used their platforms to attack the media. And Shepard Smith, the chief news anchor at Fox News, was critical of the Fox News opinion bloc in a story published last week.

A note sent by retired Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters, a longtime Fox News analyst, leaked to BuzzFeed. In the note to a handful of colleagues, Peters said that he could not in good conscience renew his contract with the network, explaining that he believed Fox News had become a “propaganda machine” for President Donald Trump.

Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

Intercept: Saudi crown prince bragged about Kushner relationship

Intercept: Saudi crown prince bragged about Kushner relationship

Jared Kushner, tasked by his boss and father-in-law, President Donald Trump, with mediating Middle East peace early in the administration, has so far staked a bulk of those efforts on the ascendant Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

And according to a new report, the Saudi prince — known casually by his initials, MBS — took advantage of that power.
When Kushner, Trump’s senior aide, made an unannounced trip to Riyadh last year, the Intercept — citing three sources — reported Wednesday, MBS told confidants after the meeting that Kushner had discussed Saudi leaders who are disloyal to the crown prince.
One person “who talks frequently to confidants of the Saudi and Emirati rulers” told the Intercept that MBS bragged to United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed that Kushner was “in his pocket.”
The Intercept also reported that Kushner’s information on Saudi royals not loyal to MBS was contained in the President’s Daily Brief, a document presented to the President every morning. Kushner lost his access to the document earlier this year when new security clearance rules were instituted.
Eager to consolidate power and rein in the sprawling orbit of the Saudi royal family and aristocratic class, Prince bin Salman listened intently and a week later cracked down on corruption in the country by imprisoning more than 200 members of the country’s ruling class inside the confines of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh, charging each with corruption.
“What we did in Saudi Arabia was extremely necessary,” the Saudi crown prince told CBS in his first interview with a Western outlet. “All actions taken were in accordance with existing and published laws.”
A spokesman for Kushner declined to comment on the allegation. But a spokesman for Kushner’s lawyer — Peter Mirijanian — slammed the report.
“Some questions by the media are so obviously false and ridiculous that they merit no response. This is one,” he said.
The report comes a month after The Washington Post reported that officials from at least four countries — Mexico, Israel, China and the United Arab Emirates — have discussed ways they could use Kushner’s intricate business arrangements, lack of experience and financial woes to manipulate the senior White House aide.
Mirijanian called the story nothing more than “unnamed sources peddling secondhand hearsay with rank speculation.”
Kushner and MBS have fostered a close relationship for months, White House officials told CNN, and the top White House aide played a key role when the Saudi prince visited the White House this week.
Correctly viewing MBS as ascendant in the Muslim nation, Kushner worked for months earlier in the administration to build close ties with him. And when the prince’s 82-year-old father, King Salman, handed over some power earlier this year, the two grew closer.
Kushner, in an effort to deepen that bond, took an unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia in October 2017 where he met directly with the crown prince.
The two also met on Tuesday night at Kushner’s home, the Saudi Embassy said Wednesday.
Joined by top White House negotiator Jason Greenblatt, the embassy said “discussion focused on the shared interests of both countries for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and how best to achieve that.”
MBS is in the middle of a goodwill tour across the United States. After visiting the White House and meeting with congressional leaders, he is slated to travel to Boston, New York, San Francisco and other American cities to meet with top representatives from the technology, business and education communities in the United States. The trip is part of MBS’ campaign to sell the Western world on his view of his country’s future.
Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

Dow plunges 724 points as trade war fears rock Wall Street

Trade war fears rocked Wall Street on Thursday after President Trump launched a crackdown on China.

The Dow plummeted 724 points, or 2.9%, underlining mounting concerns among investors about looming tariffs on China. It was the fifth-largest point decline in history and the market’s worst day since the extreme turmoil of early Februa

The S&P 500 dropped 2.5% and the Nasdaq 2.4%

“A global trade war, whether it’s real or perceived, is what’s weighing on the market,” said Ian Winer, head of equities at Wedbush Securities. “There’s this huge uncertainty now. If China decides to get tough on agriculture or anything else, that will really spook people.”

Trump announced tariffs on about $50 billion worth of Chinese imports on Thursday afternoon. It’s not clear which products will be hit, but the action is aimed at curbing China’s troubling theft of US intellectual property.

“We have a tremendous intellectual property theft situation going on,” Trump said. He also described the US trade deficit with China as “out of control.”

Related: Why Trump’s tariffs on China are a big deal

China wasted little time in threatening to retaliate against the United States, underlining the risk of a tit-for-tat escalation that hurts global trade.

Beijing warned on Thursday it will “certainly take all necessary measures to resolutely defend” itself. China didn’t specify how it will respond, but US crops like soybeans are likely to be in the crosshairs.

“There is a lot of panic selling,” said Rich Guerrini, CEO of PNC Investments. “Are the tariffs a means of negotiating? There’s a decent chance of that, but it’s too early to tell.”

CNNMoney’s Fear & Greed Index, a measure of market sentiment, dropped further into “extreme fear.” The VIX (VIX) volatility index soared 22%, though it remains well off the elevated levels of early February.

Wall Street’s biggest fear is a trade war, according to a recent survey of fund managers by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The survey, released this week, found that for the first time since January 2017 the threat of a trade war topped inflation as the biggest risk to markets.

“What does this evolve into?” asked Mark Luschini, chief investment strategist at Janney Capital. “Should it denigrate into something that impairs business sentiment, that can feed into the economy and slow job growth.”

The biggest losers on the Dow on Thursday included stocks with significant exposure to China: Caterpillar (CAT), 3M (MMM) and Boeing (BA).

Michael Block, chief strategist at Rhino Trading Partners, said in a report that Trump’s tariff plan “has markets and the world at large freaking out a little.”

The trade crackdown is a big deal because the United States and China are the world’s two biggest economies. A major slowdown in trade could darken the otherwise bright economic outlook.

China is a major buyer of US crops, and Americans purchase tons of Chinese-made products. China is also America’s biggest creditor, owning more Treasuries than any other nation.

Some market analysts questioned the wisdom of broad tariffs to tackle the very real problem of intellectual property theft.

“Isn’t there another way to deal with this that is more targeted?” Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at The Bleakley Advisory Group, wrote in a report. “The American consumer again will be the pawn that pays for this.”

The trade worries could prove overdone if tensions between the United States and China ease.

Initial concerns about Trump’s tariffs on aluminum and steel relaxed after the administration softened its stance by offering exemptions for Canada and Mexico. The United States later granted tariff exemptions for major allies like the European Union, South Korea and Australia.

That news didn’t sit well with steel and aluminum makers. U.S. Steel (X) plunged 9% and Alcoa (AA) dropped 5%.

Nervousness on Wall Street wasn’t eased by the latest White House drama. The market fell further after Trump’s lead lawyer, John Dowd, resigned from the president’s personal legal team handling the Russia investigation.

Trump has recently taken a more aggressive stance against Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The market would probably fall sharply, at least at first, if Trump were to fire Mueller, analysts say.


Dowd resigns as Trump’s lawyer amid disagreements on strategy

Dowd resigns as Trump’s lawyer amid disagreements on strategy

King Henry VIII, AKA Donald Trump is a history.  Not only that his lead lawyer resigned which is, since I am a lawyer, indicates that he knew his client is guilty and does not want to defend him in order to defend his own reputation as an attorney.  There goes Criminal Gangster Donald Trump, as I have been calling him from day one.

Furthermore, here we have another bombshell, not for me, but for those born two times Christian and insane bible people: The call girl Stormy Daniel’ DNA mentioned “paternity” and possible children with Criminal Gangster Donald Trump.

There you go Mr. president-want-to-be, you are history and nothing pleases this writer than what is in the news today.  I am never surprised for I have been -again and again and again saying this and saying from the start that Donald Trump is nothing but a Vegas Criminal Gangster.

Expatriate Dr. Sabri Bebawi


“How on earth did Donald Trump win the presidency when he lost the popular vote by such historic margins? Weaponizing Facebook was a huge factor.”

“How on earth did Donald Trump win the presidency when he lost the popular vote by such historic margins? Weaponizing Facebook was a huge factor.”

The evil genius of Cambridge Analytica was to exploit those we trust most

How on earth did Donald Trump win the presidency when he lost the popular vote by such historic margins?

To put this in perspective: John Kerry lost the popular vote in 2004 by almost the same number of votes as Donald Trump 12 years later.

This is not a small question, to be noodled over by disgruntled Democrats and political scientists. It lies at the heart of the likely impeachment of Trump himself, and it will dominate at least the next two US elections.

The answer is fundamental to our democratic culture of fair elections, the rule of law, the role of technology and the free media.

Now there are any numbers of factors that could have swung 40,000 votes in three states – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – which created the catastrophic fluke of the Trump presidency in the electoral college.

But there are no factors as large and persistent as a weaponized Facebook – the trusted and entirely unregulated delivery vehicle for an astonishing amount of highly targeted disinformation.

Without Facebook, there would have been no Pizzagate, and the hacked DNC emails would have struggled to reach their intended audience. The strangely Russia-loving Green party would never have tallied enough votes to skew those three battleground states towards Trump.

All roads lead to Facebook and the small company that plundered its vast user data: Cambridge Analytica. Together the social network looks less like a group of friends and more like the Silk Road black market of arms and drugs dealers.

Thanks to the reporting of the Observer, the Guardian and Channel 4, we now know that Cambridge Analytica could happily arrange for a candidate to fall into a compromising scandal with a Ukraine prostitute or a bribery sting.

Trump, deemed ‘not above the law,’ faces legal storm

Trump, deemed ‘not above the law,’ faces legal storm

By Jonathan Stempel and Nathan Layne


NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump faced legal challenges from women on two fronts on Tuesday as a defamation lawsuit brought by a former Apprentice TV show contestant moved forward and a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Trump sued to undo a confidentiality agreement.

The developments increased legal pressure on Trump, who during and after the 2016 presidential campaign was accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen women, allegations he denied.

A New York state judge on Tuesday denied a bid by Trump to toss a defamation lawsuit by Summer Zervos, a former contestant on NBC’s “The Apprentice”, raising the prospect that he might have to answer questions about his behavior in court.

Justice Jennifer Schecter in Manhattan rejected Trump’s claim that he was immune from being sued, finding “absolutely no authority” to dismiss litigation related “purely to unofficial conduct” solely because he occupied the White House.

“No one is above the law,” the judge wrote in her ruling.

Playboy model Karen McDougal sued a media company that she said paid her $150,000 to keep quiet about an affair that she said she had with Trump.

The lawsuit was the second time this month that a woman challenged legal arrangements to prevent discussions about affairs women said they had with Trump. Both involved payments that legal experts have said could equate to in-kind contributions to Trump’s campaign in violation of federal election laws.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump has denied all accusations of misconduct, and called his accusers “liars.”

Zervos met Trump when she became a contestant on “The Apprentice” in 2005. She said Trump kissed her against her will at a 2007 meeting in his New York office, and later groped her in a Beverly Hills hotel at a meeting about a possible job.

Zervos said Trump’s denials amounted to defamation and that being branded a “liar” caused diners to stay away from her restaurant in California.

John Diamond, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of the Law, said Trump would have to testify under oath if he has to defend himself.

McDougal filed her lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against American Media Inc, publisher of the National Enquirer, whose head, David Pecker, has described Trump as a “personal friend.”

McDougal said American Media paid her $150,000 in 2016 for the rights to her story that she had an affair with Trump in 2006 and 2007 and then never published it.

McDougal said her lawyer at the time, Keith Davidson, secretly negotiated with Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer. Cohen has acknowledged arranging to pay to silence another woman, porn star Stormy Daniels. That payment was also made during the election campaign.

McDougal is asking the court to declare the agreement null and void. She said she was tricked into signing it, that it was intended to illegally influence the election and because it violates public policy against using threats of legal action to get someone to stay silent on issues of public concern.

She also called the agreement an illegal donation from AMI to the Trump campaign in violation of federal election law.

AMI said in a statement the company has a valid contract with McDougal and looks forward to reaching an amicable resolution. It said she has been free to respond to press inquiries about her relationship with Trump since 2016 and that the suggestion that AMI silenced her is without merit.

Davidson declined to comment, citing attorney-client privilege. Cohen did not respond to a request for comment.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, sued the president on March 6, stating Trump never signed an agreement for her to keep quiet about an “intimate” relationship between them. Daniels received $130,000 under that agreement.

(reporting by Jonathan Stempel, Brendan Pierson, Nathan Layne and Karen Freifeld in New York; editing by Grant McCool)

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With all due respect to the great Thomas Paine, I borrow the title of this piece of writing and perhaps some of his most significant ideas one of which is that “Government is a necessary evil.” I also borrow these great lines that resonate with that of which I want to convey to my fellow citizens at this time of turmoil and confusion, at this time of use and abuse by a government lead by a man named Donald Trump who has, since the beginning, shown nothing but contempt for America, its citizens, its Constitution and its basic rule of law, “In the following [lines] I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense; and have no other Preliminaries to settle with the reader, than that he will divest himself [or herself] of prejudice and prepossession, and suffer his [or her] reason and his [and her] feelings to determine for themselves; that he [and she] will put on, or rather that he [or she] will not put off the true character of a man, and generously enlarge his [or her] views beyond the present day.”

In January 2018, the world has experienced the darkest day in its modern history. A criminal gangster had been able to manipulate our society and practically buy the government and the White House; certainly he had not been alone; surely he had a large group of Las Vegas gangsters and world criminals such as Putin of the ex-Soviet Union KGB, working with and for him.

“The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth. ‘This not the affair of a city, a county, a province, or a kingdom, but of a continent – of at least one eighth part of the habitable globe. ‘This not the concern of a day, a year, or an age; posterity are virtually involved in the contest, and will be more or less affected, even to the end of time, by the proceedings now. Now is the seed-time of continental union, faith and honor. The least fracture now will be like a name engraved with the point of a pin on the tender rind of a young oak; the wound will enlarge with the tree, and posterity read it in full grown characters.”

Not to argue uselessly, but to state truth, Donald Trump is but the British Occupation of our beloved America before the year 1776. We the people of the United States do not intend to rid of this malignant force by the power the Second Amendment to the Constitution falsely and incorrectly gives us, but by peaceful means. Donald Trump and his Vegas Gangsters shall be removed from office peacefully and without incidents. It is only then that the United States of America will be free again and “Great Again.” And if that were not to happen, doom shall be the alternative. The United States of America shall be doomed to destruct itself and become way below ny third world country on the planet.

It is this writer’s duty to educate the people of the United States of the process by which Donald Trump can be removed from office: The Constitution specifically provides that THE ONLY way of removing a president is impeachment by Congress and conviction by the Senate (Chief Justice of the United States Presiding). Arguably, the President cannot even be criminally charged for anything he does while in office, and even if he was charged and convicted, this would not mean automatic removal from office, and he would either have to resign or be impeached. And of course, sadly, as it relates to civil litigation, a president would have immunity for any acts he committed under his authority as President. Donald Trump’s lawyers advised him of that. He himself does not know anything about America or its system. Example of that is that every single presidential order he issued was reversed by the courts except the first one which gave corporation the absolute right to use and abuse the citizens of the United States of America.

Donald Trump is as defiant and stupid as a goat. Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading the FBI’s Russia probe, is now reportedly examining whether Trump committed obstruction of justice, according to the Washington Post.

And despite Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s recent statement on not believing “anonymous sources,” the president himself acknowledged in a furious Twitter thread that he is being investigated.

Given that obstruction of justice is what many Democrats — including California House Rep. Maxine Waters — hope will open the door to impeachment proceedings, reporters and politicians alike are smelling blood in the water. But, impeachment is a formal process with a lot of steps. We’ve written about it before.

While the House vote requires a simple majority, two-thirds of the Senate must vote to impeach in order for a president to be removed from office.

It is simply common sense, since Congress is so coward, that the other available route for the American people to take action Now, on the surface, it seems like Pence and the rest of the Cabinet members would simply have to determine that Trump is “unfit” for office, thereby making Pence President Pro Tempore. However, for now, it seems like the only hope lies with the legislative branch.

“Thus necessity, like a gravitating power, would soon form our newly arrived emigrants into society, the reciprocal blessings of which, would supersede, and render the obligations of law and government unnecessary while they remained perfectly just to each other; but as nothing but heaven is impregnable to vice, it will unavoidably happen, that in proportion as they surmount the first difficulties of emigration, which bound them together in a common cause, they will begin to relax in their duty and attachment to each other; and this remissness will point out the necessity of establishing some form of government to supply the defect of moral virtue.”


Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi, Social Scientist

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